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  • Q: How can I be a part of the virtual audience?
  • A: You need a webcam, stable internet connection and a quiet spot in your home.


  • Q: Where is the studio located?
  • A: The Wendy Williams Show will be filmed virtually for Season 12.


  • Q: How many tickets can I request? 
  • A: Each audience member must request their own ticket. Maximum ticket limit is 1 per person. Tickets are non-transferable. Member who request the virtual ticket must be in attendance.


  • Q: Is there a dress code?
  • A: YES! Think trendy…think stylish…think chic! Bright colors look best on TV and we ask that you refrain from wearing white, black, floral prints and, patterns. Absolutely no hats, sunglasses, costumes, shirts with logos/writing, shorts, or casual tank tops will be permitted.

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