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Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 02:00 pm

Fill out the form below to attend a special taping of Jerry O with Jerry O’Connell.  This three-week summer preview will feature specially produced Funny or Die comedy segments when it takes over The Wendy Williams Show time periods on all of the FOX-owned stations beginning August 12th.

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By registering and obtaining tickets to “The Wendy Williams Show,” you consent to be photographed by means of video recording and you grant the producer of the footage, the Company, and their successors, assigns, carrier stations, network station(s), sponsor(s) of the program and marketing and advertising agents (as well as their affiliated and related entities) the right to record and use your name, voice, and likeness worldwide in perpetuity for any purpose whatsoever. In addition you release the above parties from any and all liability for loss of damage to person or property while at or around the premises, and you agree to comply with all rules and regulations of Company and its parents, partners, subsidiaries and related companies.
Someone from the audience department will contact you if we’re able to fulfill your ticket reservation request. Please note, admission is not guaranteed. Company reserves the right to refuse or revoke entry at anytime.


THIS IS NOT YOUR TICKET CONFIRMATION. Ticket requests will be voided if you make multiple submission for the same week. If we are able to accommodate your request, you will receive an email confirmation 1 to 3 weeks before your requested show date. Sometimes confirmations may end up in your spam folder, therefore, please be sure to check your spam inbox!

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