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Rocco Sacramone Recipes

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Rocco Sacramone Recipes


January 27, 2021

Chef Rocco Sacramone shares his favorite oxtail stew and burrata recipes with Wendy.

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· Burrata

· 1 teaspoon of sundried tomato

· 2 slices of prosciutto

· 1 basil leaf

· Salt to taste

· 1 tbs of olive oil

· 8-10 cherry tomatoes

· Balsamic vinegar to taste



Start by opening the burrata, remove the creamy part and place it into a bowl. Add the sundried tomato, basil, mix the ingredients together and place them back in the burrata shell. Once that has been done, you wrap it in the prosciutto. Mix the olive oil, the cherry tomatoes and balsamic mixture, toss and place with the burrata on top.


Oxtail Stew


· 6 pieces of medium sized oxtail

· 5 clover of garlic

· 1 table spoon (tbs) of salt

· 1 tbs of sugar

· 2 tbs of nduja sausage

· 1 tbs cocoa

· 2 cups of onion

· 2 cups of carrots

· 2 cups of celery

· 2 cups of canola oil

· 2 bay leaves

· 1 teaspoon of lavender

· 6 cloves of black pepper

· 1 cup of Lambrusco

· 2 tbs of olive oil

· 2 cups of chopped can tomatoes


Begin by searing the oxtail, until brown on both sides. Remove from the oil and place over a sheet of paper towel, on a plate. In another pan, sauté the garlic and the onions until they sweat and then add the carrots and celery, sauté for about a minute, then add the oxtail with salt and sugar. Sprinkle with the cocoa powder and then add the Labmrusco. Let them simmer for about a minute, then add the tomato, nduja and the rest of the spices. Add two cups of water and cook for four hours.

After four hours of cooking, let it cool for about 30 minutes. Remove the oxtail meat from the sauce in which it was cooked. The sauce is pureed and blended with a strainer. While doing that, start taking the meat off the bone. Now that the meat has been broken apart, add the sauce. Keep this on the stove to keep warm while you’re making the pasta. When the pasta is done, place it over the oxtail that is on the pan. Mix them together and then add parmesan cheese on top and put it on a plate.

Optional: you can sprinkle Ricotta salata cheese on the pasta.

Serve with 1lb Rigatoni

Buena petito!

Chef Rocco Sacramone


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