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7 New Dating Trends to Look Out For

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7 New Dating Trends to Look Out For


February 17, 2020

If you’re single and dating, you’ve probably been ghosted at some point. You might have been haunted (that’s when a ghost keeps lurking your social media). But have you been cause-played or Kanye’d? To help us maneuver this, experts from the dating app, “Plenty of Fish” poll their users every year and use the data to predict what dating trends and terms we can expect. So read ahead and see if you have ever been in a sticky dating situation. Brace yourselves.


A woman on her phone

This dating term describes when an ex reaches out to you for a cause. Plenty of Fish describes the phenomenon as, “When a casual relationship fizzles out, only to have one person later circle back with a favor to ask. In a survey, they found that 61% of singles.


two people on a date

Have you ever been on a date where the other person talked relentlessly about themselves the entire time? If so, you got Kanye’d. Plenty of Fish reports that 45 percent of singles have experienced one-sided conversations like this on dates.


Two people dating

Never mind even getting to the point where someone can ghost you, dial-toning is when you give someone your number, they reach out, and you never reply. According to dating site Plenty of Fish, 60% of singles have experienced this. I can’t work out if it’s better or worse than being ghosted.

Yellow Carding

Two People on a date

Sometimes it seems like bad dates are a dime a dozen when using dating apps, but have you ever actually called someone out for their bad behavior? This is called “yellow carding,” and 27% of singles have been brave enough to confront a date’s bad behavior.

White Clawing

A coupe texting

The popular hard seltzer drink has made its own dating trend. White clawing is when you date someone who was painfully attractive but had little else to them. Their looks are there but the spark isn’t. If you’re staying with them, you’re white clawing them. Plenty of Fish found that 27% of people have stuck with people they have found basic or boring because they thought they were attractive.


a girl putting on her makeup

Now this is the most frustrating trend but we have all experienced it. Getting glammed up takes a lot of effort, especially when you’re trying to make a good first impression. If you’ve ever dolled yourself up only to be canceled on at the last minute, you’ve been “glamboozled.” Over half of singles have experienced this, and it’s the absolute worst. But don’t let it discourage you. Call a friend and don’t let a good outfit go to waste!


Two men holding hands

Fleabagging is the new dating trend we’re 100% guilty of! It’s basically when you repeatedly date people who are wrong for you– like Fleabag did in the eponymous TV show. According to Plenty of Fish, fleabagging is more common with women, with 63% admitting compared to just 38% of men. Guys, let’s try to do better this year.


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