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Beyoncé Faces Criticism For Lack of Plus Sizes

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Beyoncé Faces Criticism For Lack of Plus Sizes

Hot Talk

January 24, 2020

Lori Loughlin’s daughters, Bella Rose and Olivia Jade will be called to testify against their parents unless Lori changes her plea to guilty. Should Lori change her plea to protect her daughters?

Then, Beyoncé is getting criticized for not including plus-sized clothing in her new Adidas line. Do you think she has to?

Plus, former ‘Real Housewife’ Meghan Edmond recently found out her husband Jim is dating a woman who they had a threesomes with years ago. Are threesomes ever a good idea?

Lisa Evers, Heather McDonald and Ira Madison join Wendy to debate this week’s Hot Talk headlines.




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