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2020 Food Trends

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2020 Food Trends


January 16, 2020

Celebrity nutritionist Keri Glassman shows us 2020’s hottest food trends!

Trend #1: Spiced Everything

Herbs and spices are one of the best ways to make a dish healthy. Za’atar and harissa, influence from Indian spices, and spicy Korean flavors that include fiber and are high in antioxidants, are must trys.

Different food spices in wooden bowels

Trend # 2: Butters

If you can eat it, you can spread it! Nut butters are loaded with healthy fat, protein and antioxidants. Pumpkin seed butter are high in magnesium and Watermelon seeds are one of the richest in nutrients.

Pumkin seed butter on toast bread

Trend #3: Anchovies

Anchovies and anchovy paste add a quick savory burst and they are one of the most sustainable seafood choices. They are high in protein, healthy omega 3 fats, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Cooked Anchovies

Trend #4: Plant Based Everything

This trend has been on the rise, but 2020 will be all about the veggies. Plant infused everything and meat alternatives will be more creative and mainstream.

Vegan Hamburgers

Trend #5: Lasagna

Lasagna is a timeless feel good food and with everything crazy going on in the world, people just want comfort food. Veggie lasagna, specifically eggplant lasagna, is a healthy alternative if you don’t want the meat.

Eggplant Lasagna

Trend #6: Mocktails

“Non-alcoholic alcohol” is the new trend this year! You’ll sleep better, often consume less calories, and help people stay in the lane of living a healthier life overall.

Grapefruit Mocktail


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