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Kathy Bates!

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Kathy Bates!

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November 14, 2019

The multi-talented Kathy Bates joins Wendy on the couch to discuss her advocacy for Lymphedema research and finding a cure.

Then, don’t miss Lazarus Lynch in the ‘Wendy’ kitchen making recipes from his book “Son of A Southern Chef- Cook With Soul”.

Plus, Wendy weighs in on the latest Hot Topics and gives advice during Ask Wendy!



  • Wendy Williams Playing
    Hot Topics

    John Legend: Sexiest Man Alive

  • Wendy Williams in Hot Topics chair with photo of A$AP Rocky in the monitor wall Playing
    Hot Topics

    A$AP Rocky Goes Back to Sweden

  • Wendy Williams in hot topics chair and photo of Madonna in monitor wall Playing
    Hot Topics

    Fan Sues Madonna!

  • Wendy delivering Hot Topics Playing
    Hot Topics

    Ray J's Presidential Plea

  • T.I Hot Topics Playing
    Hot Topics

    TMI from T.I!

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