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Dr. Dre Brags about Daughter's USC Acceptance after $70 Million Donation

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March 25, 2019

Dr. Dre is caught up in the celebrity cheating scandal. This weekend he threw shade at Lori Loughlin and Fe;icity Huffman by posting a photo of his daughter holding up her acceptance letter to USC. He bragged, “My daughter got accepted all on her own…no jail time!”

But the internet quickly pointed out that Dre and Jimmy lovine donated $70 million to USC.

Then, Mel B revealed that she once slept with Ginger Spice during an interview with Piers Morgan.

Plus, Mama June’s daughter Pumpkin sent a message of thanks to the fans after Mama June was busted for possession of crack and drug paraphernalia.

And, TLC is coming to Broadway! Wendy has the latest details in Hot Topics.

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