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February 20, 2019

Hats: J. Lo and Alicia Keys made a big statement with their hats at the Grammys.

Get the Look:
Creme Wool Fedora, Brixton, $68
Pearl Fedora, ASOS, $7.50
Chain Embellished Hat, ASOS, $43
Leopard Hat, Zara, $39.90

Wide Belt: This is totally a nod to the 80s, and it’s even more amplified when you wear it in white like Bella Hadid!

Get the Look:
White Belt, Macy’s, $36.50
Snake Belt, & Other Stories, $47
Mustard Belt, Boohoo, $6
Zebra Belt, Boohoo, $6

Fabulous Hair Bow: Hair bows are totally trending from the red carpet to the everyday events.

Get the Look:
Leopard Bow, BaubleBar, $24
Orange Bow, BaubleBar, $24
Printed Bow, ASOS, $9.50
Velvet Bow, ASOS, $4.50
Metal Bow, ASOS, $13
Black Satin Bow, ASOS, $9.50

Necklace Bag: This is a new trend. The crossbody is being taken up a notch literally! To necklace status!

Get the Look:
Black Qulited, Missguided, $18
Red, Rainbow Shops, $12.99
Pretty Connected Detachable Chain, $28-$34

Statement Nails: We all know Cardi B loves her nail and does not mind paying $200 and up for a new set of nail. Cardi B’s statement nails at the Grammys had 200 Swarovski crystals! But if you don’t want to break the bank get press on nails!

Get the Look:
KISS Masterpiece Nails, $11.99
imPRESS Press-On Manicure, $7.99
Elegant Touch Nails, $11-16
Leopard Nails, Boohoo $4.00

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