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Our Favorite Hot Topics From 2018

Hot Topics

December 14, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

We love a good sampler, and 2018 served an assortment of hot tea to try. Hot Topics spilled them all, but only the hottest, juiciest, and most lemony stories made our list.

Check out which Hot Topics rose to the occasion as the Wendy Show‘s Hot 5.

5. Drake Vs. Pusha T

Drake’s hip-hop feud with Pusha T turned nasty last night. On Friday, Pusha reignited their long feud on his song “Infrared” where he claimed Drake uses a ghostwriter. Drake responded the same day with his song “Duppy.” He said Pusha T’s career had faded, sent Pusha an invoice for the promotion and “career reviving,” called out Pusha’s fiancée Virginia Williams. Drake rapped “I had a microphone of yours but the signature faded…I think that pretty much resembles your career.”

Duppy is Jamaican patois, meaning “ghost.” Pusha responded with “the story of Adidon”, using an old picture of Drake in blackface as the cover art. Drake took the photo with a Canadian photographer and is seen wearing a “Jim Crow” tee-shirt in the photo. Pusha tweeted, “This is a real picture… these are his truths.”

Pusha also attacked Drake’s dad, saying Dennis walked away at age five, and that Drake parades his dad around in Steve Harvey suits.

Pusha revealed Drake has a baby named Adonis with a porn star named Sophie. He called Drake a “deadbeat,” and said “you are hiding a child, let that boy come home.”

In October, Drake opened up about his baby drama on LeBron James’ talk show “The Shop” on HBO. Drake claims Kanye tricked him into opening up about his secret son and then used the information to make Pusha T’s diss track. Drake said he recorded a reply but decided to shelf it. The song apparently had “terrible things” in it that he doesn’t want to be remembered for.

Drake also opened up about his baby’s mother, Sophie. He wants his son to love his mom and he has to “project that energy.”

In a turn of events, Pusha T claimed one of Drake’s best friend “40” told him about Drake’s son Adonis. Producer 40 allegedly told a woman he was dating about Drake’s baby, and that woman told Pusha T.

4. Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson’s Relationship

There’s a reason why it’s called falling in love. Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson fell in and out of love fast and hard. Their entire relationship was a fast whirlwind of rushing emotions that caused the two, along with the media and everyone online, to become completely infatuated.

The first report of Ariana and Pete’s blooming relationship was from Us Weekly on May 21, though it could have started before the report broke. After a few tattoos to mark their affection and barely a month of their relationship becoming public knowledge, news spread of Ariana and Pete’s engagement. A 3-carat diamond ring worth $93,000 is no joke, even for a celebrity. When it was first being reported that Ariana and Pete called off their engagement and broke up, the former couple confirmed the news was true by covering up tattoos, leaving social media, and opening up about the split.

3. Rihanna Turns Down the Super Bowl

There’s lots of drama with the Super Bowl Halftime Show, and it’s still going on. The NFL announced that Maroon 5 was booked for the Super Bowl, but we later found out that they asked Rihanna first. She declined to perform in support of Colin Kaepernick. Then they booked Maroon 5.

Amy Schumer put the band in a very awkward position when she posted, “wouldn’t it be cool if Adam Levine and Maroon 5 stepped down too?” Now, over 47,000 people have signed a petition urging Maroon 5 to drop out of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. The petition claims no artists should work with the NFL until they support players’ rights to protest.

2. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Fairytale Love

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said their “I wills” on May 19th of this year. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a real life fairytale wedding that not even Hollywood could think up. Meghan’s Dad, Thomas Markle, was watching along with much of the world. “My baby looks beautiful and she looks very happy. I wish I were there and I wish them all my love and all happiness,” he told TMZ. At the last minute, Meghan was told her father wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding due to a necessary heart surgery.

Less than a year after Harry and Meghan’s engagement, Kensington Palace made the official announcement that Meghan is pregnant! Meghan is due April 2019 and the child will be seventh in line for throne. The baby won’t be prince or princess unless the Queen decides to offer those titles.

1. Cardi B Vs. Nicki Minaj

On the weekend of the season 10 premiere of The Wendy Show, the Hot Topics Gods bestowed upon us the juiciest story of the year: Cardi B & Nicki Minaj’s Fashion Week fight. Cardi B and Nicki got into a huge brawl at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party. Cardi ended up throwing her shoe at Nicki and both ladies had to be held back by security.

Nicki feuded with more than just Cardi B this summer. She fought with her ex Safaree, several radio DJs, numerous rappers, Tiffany Haddish, the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop,” her own record label, her hairstylist, Spotify, Billboard magazine, and seven-month-old baby, Stormi. Nicki also lost it when Travis Scott’s album topped hers and debuted at No. 1. She believes he only got to the top of the charts because Kylie promoted his record to her 114 million Instagram followers.

Nicki Minaj is speaking out about her fight with Cardi B. Cardi attacked Nicki Friday night during the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS party at the Plaza in NYC.


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Nicki went on Beats 1’s Queen Radio, on Apple Music, and said she would never talk about anyone’s child. She unleashed on Cardi. Nicki pointed out that Cardi spoke about other people’s kids in the past, and once said “nothing is off limits.”

Shoes were flying and dresses were ripping when Cardi lunged at Nicki at the Icons party. In October, Cardi was asked why she chose that moment to attack Nicki, and she answered.

“So many people want to say that party wasn’t the time or the place, but I’m not going to catch another artist in the grocery store or down the block.” Cardi was tired of Nicki dissing her parenting skills on social media. Cardi claims she and Nicki agreed not to diss each other, but Nicki kept on going.

Cardi and Nicki agreed to put their beef aside and move forward, but they still aren’t on speaking terms.

Tell Us: What were your favorite Hot Topics of the year?

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