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Favorite Internet Obsessions of 2018


November 29, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

Yanny Vs. Laurel

Yanny or Laurel


An audio clip circulated the internet this spring that divided the internet. Some people heard “Yanny” while others hear “Laurel.” Is there a correct answer? That’s still up for debate amongst the world wide web, but Wendy got to the bottom of it here in our studio!

Blue Ivy Simmer Down GIF


Jay-Z might not have won a Grammy this year, but everyone was too focused on Blue Ivy telling her parents to simmer down at the Grammys. How is Blue Ivy already a whole icon?!

This viral GIF is everything.

Amazon Echo: Wendy Edition

If you have Amazon’s Echo, you know that you ask it a question, and Alexa answers you. Alexa had some competition after the holidays: Wendy Williams!

Rihanna Going Off

Wendy Williams imitating picture of Rihanna

We’re not sure if Rihanna is still dating Saudi billionaire Hassan Jameel, but they were over the summer. Their hot and heavy summer fling was going fine until RiRi had to lay it down for him. Rihanna and Hassan were caught arguing in Puerto Vallarta. Judging by the pictures that surfaced, things took a hard turn south. It didn’t take long for the internet to make it into a a variety of memes about what went down.

Cardi B “My Momma Said” Meme


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Cardi B’s “My Momma Said” meme is probably our favorite of the year. This is the meme that keeps on giving! Cardi, known in her younger years as Belcalis Almanzar, was apparently just as sassy then as she is now. As the title reveals, the meme always starts with “My Momma Said.” There are thousands, but we can appreciate the one that Cardi shared with the caption, “My Momma said your Daddy ain’t in college, he in jail.”


What were your favorite internet obsessions from 2018?

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