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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: November 23, 2018

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Monica Lewinsky

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: November 23, 2018

Hot Topics

November 23, 2018

Clinton Sex Scandal

Earlier in the week, Monica Lewinsky spoke about the infamous blue dress.

“There was some attention paid on me and I was reciprocating. So that finished… and off I went. I didn’t notice that the dress was soiled. Betty [Bill’s secretary] saw me as I left. I went to dinner that night; none of these people said to me, ‘hey, you have to go to the bathroom. You’ve got stuff all over your dress.”

Viewers learned that Clinton’s secretary Betty helped Monica and Bill sneak around, and that Monica confided in Linda Tripp about her affair. “She essentially accosted me coming into the Pentagon and pulled me into the cafeteria and blurted it out.” Linda claims Monica told her that she’d been involved in the affair for a long time, and had to leave the White House because it was too dangerous. Lina was “completely fascinated and horrified at the same time” by Monica’s secret.

Maroon 5 Petition

Maroon 5

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

Over 50,000 people have signed a petition urging Maroon 5 to drop out of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Maroon 5 accepted the gig after Rihanna turned it down in support of Colin Kaepernick. The petition claims no artists should work with the NFL until they support players’ rights to protest.

New “Bachelor” Promos Are Here

Colton Underwood


The new “Bachelor” promos are here, and they’re exploiting Colton’s virginity. The promo poster’s tag line is, “What does he have to lose?”

Season 23 of “The Bachelor” premieres Monday, January 7 on ABC.

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