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3 Reasons You Need to See 'Widows' This Weekend

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Viola Davis

3 Reasons You Need to See 'Widows' This Weekend


November 15, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

Finally, an action movie women can get on board with! Widows is a rare drama, mystery, romance, thriller hybrid bundled up in a heist film from Oscar-winning filmmaker Steve McQueen. This is the first film McQueen directed since his Golden Globe and Oscar awarded best picture 12 Years a Slave in 2014. The movie features lead actress Viola Davis, a script by writer of Gone Girl and HBO’s Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn, and music from award winning song composer Hans Zimmer. It’s no wonder Widows is already getting Oscar buzz.

“Widows is set in contemporary Chicago amidst a time of political and societal turmoil. When four armed robbers are killed in an explosive heist attempt, their widows – with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands’ criminal activities–take fate into their own hands to forge a future on their own terms.”
Here are three reasons you need to see Widows in theaters this weekend.

It Empowers Women

Viola Davis and Cynthia Erivo

Merrick Morton

Women of all shades and sizes can feel a level of control over their lives after watching Widows. Veronica (Viola Davis), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), and Alice (Elizabeth Debicki) have two things in common: their husbands tragically died and their bank accounts are nearly empty.

Screenwriter Flynn noted that her favorite part about heist films overall is when the team comes together to make things right. “That’s one thing I wanted to keep about that heist feel, was that these women were coming together, not because one was a jewel thief, and one was a safe cracker, that type of thing, but because they just happen to all be connected by their husbands.”

The movie’s tagline “Left with nothing. Capable of anything,” proves to be true as the female heist squad put their differences aside and attempt to pull off their plan. This is feminism at its finest.

There Are Unexpected Layers

Michelle Rodriguez and Elizabeth Debicki

Suzanne Tenner

You know when Wendy peels back the layers of an Ask Wendy question to find out the real story? That is nothing compared to the twists and turns Widows takes throughout the film.

Viola Davis explained that her character Veronica and the other widows are in survival mode. Without spoiling the movie, let’s just say the shock factors are intense. Director McQueen gave actors “an environment in which they feel safe to experiment and explore… a safe space to fall on their faces, brush themselves off and try again in search of some kind of truth.” It’s because of this atmosphere that viewers are left in a constant state of wonder and curiosity.

If a Lifetime movie took steroids and became Wonder Woman, it would be named Widows.

It’s Woke

Daniel Kaluuya and Brian Tyree Henry

Twentieth Century Fox

Set in Chicago, Widows cleverly address culture, gender, and political based contrasts in America. Remaining authentic to present day issues, Widows finds a happy medium between too subtle and Wendy’s “say it like you mean it” motto. “Chicago has so many levels of interest to me,” McQueen said regarding Chicago being its own character in the movie.

Brian Tyree Henry plays Jamal Manning, who has a history of criminal behavior trying to shift Chicago’s political power in his favor by running for alderman of Chi Town’s 18th Ward. “I think that’s the best thing about Jamal is that he and his brother, they’re from these streets. They’re from this area. They really do care about the people there. Now, you know, as politics go, you kind of got to do what you gotta do to get where you want to get.” Doin’ what you gotta do to get where you want to get seems to be the end game for every character.

"Widows" movie poster

Twentieth Century Fox

Widows is in theaters Friday November 16.

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