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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: November 8, 2018

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Missy Elliott

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: November 8, 2018

Hot Topics

November 8, 2018

Missy Elliott Honored

Shout out to Missy Elliott. She’s the first female rapper to be nominated to the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Missy writes her own songs and has written for Aaliyah, Whitney, Monica, and more.

Jay-Z was first rapper inducted last year. The Songwriters Hall of Fame will induct the winners next June.

50 Cent Vs. Ja Rule

50 Cent & Ja Rule


50 Cent is still at war with Ja Rule. The two have been feuding since 1999. Two weeks ago, 50 claimed he bought 200 front row seats to Ja Rule’s concert so the show would be empty. They went back and forth on social media for weeks. Rumor has it that 50 is trying to purchase the publishing rights to all of Ja Rule’s hit songs. At one point, Ja Rule called him “50 Cynthia,” then 50 Cent reportedly blocked Ja Rule on social media.

Yesterday, Ja Rule posted one last time.

“This will be my last post about @50cent… not once did I see him use his platform of 20 million followers for anything uplifting… let’s stop supporting ppl who don’t support their own you boot licking ring kissing coon.”

50 Cent seemed to back down last night and also posted on social media, “Only positive vibes over here. I don’t have time for negativity.”

More Baby Mama Drama for Future



Future is having drama with his baby’s mother. Remember, Future is allegedly expecting his fifth baby with his fifth baby’s mother, Joy Chavis.

Earlier this year, Future reportedly dumped baby mother no. 5 to get back together with baby mother no. 3, Britney. Over the weekend, Future looked like he was back together with baby mother no. 5 at her gender reveal party.

Now, baby mother three is trying to save face. She posted on social media, “People do what they have to do to protect their assets. It’s tooooooo much $$ at risk!” Baby mother five has an older child with Bow Wow, who used to date baby mother no. 4, Ciara.

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