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Celebrity Names: Before They Were Famous!


November 7, 2018

Did you even realize these celebrities changed their names?

Drake’s real name is…

  • Christian Drake Andrew
  • Kevin Drake Graham
  • Aubrey Drake Graham

Nicki Minaj’s real name is…

Nicki Minaj
  • Nakita Minaj
  • Onika Minaj
  • Sherri Minaj

Lil Wayne’s real name is…

Lil Wayne
  • Kevin Wayne
  • Dwayne Carter
  • Calvin Brown

Jamie Foxx’s real name is…

Jamie Foxx
  • Eric Bishop
  • Michael Brown
  • William Perry

Iggy Azalea’s real name is…

Iggy Azalea
  • Alice Peterson
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Amethyst Kelly

Whoopi Goldberg’s real name is…

Whoopi Goldberg
  • Mary White
  • Kathryn Hunter
  • Caryn Johnson

Cardi B’s real name is…

Cardi B
  • Belissimo Almanzo
  • Belcalis Almanzar
  • Bacardi Armani

Bruno Mars’ real name is…

Bruno Mars
  • Peter Hernandez
  • Paul Mars
  • Gene Harrison
Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus’ real name is…

Miley Cyrus
  • Hannah Cyrus
  • Dolly Cyrus
  • Destiny Cyrus

Alicia Keys’ real name is…

Alicia Keys
  • Alicia Costa
  • Allison Keyes
  • Alicia Cook

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