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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: November 5, 2018

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Kenya Moore & Marc Daly

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: November 5, 2018

Hot Topics

November 5, 2018

“Real Housewives of Atlanta”

RHOA premiered last night, but Kenya stole the show! She gave birth to baby girl Brooklyn Doris Daly yesterday. Brooklyn, named after where she met Marc, and Doris named after Kenya’s grandmother. Kenya had an emergency caesarean section, because she had preeclampsia. Brooklyn was born at 5 lbs. and 12 ounces. Kenya lost a lot of blood, but Marc was in room with her through it all.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" cast

Alex Martinez/Bravo

Meanwhile on the show last night, viewers met Porsha Williams and Cynthia Bailey’s new boyfriends. Cynthia met her new man through her friend, Steve Harvey. Mike Hill is a commentator for FOX Sports. Cynthia was FaceTiming him on the premiere last night because he lives in Los Angeles with his two girls. Porsha’s fiancé and future baby’s father Dennis was on. After dating for five months, they went ring shopping at a place very familiar to Porsha. She got her previous engagement ring at the same store! Dennis has never been married and doesn’t have any children, but he does have some kind of mystery connection to Kandi.

Speaking of Kandi, her 16 year old daughter Riley doesn’t want her to have any more kids. Kandi and Todd have two leftover embryos and they don’t feel right leaving them behind. Riley explained that she doesn’t see them as much as it is, so she won’t feel bad leaving the two extra embryos behind.

New Atlanta housewife, Eva Marcille, will make her debut next week.

Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Post Breakup

Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

SNL was on this weekend. This was the first episode since Pete and Arianna broke up. Earlier in the week, Pete made fun of the breakup in an SNL promo. Arianna wasn’t amused, and tweeted, “For somebody who claims to hate relevancy u sure love clinging to it huh.” On the show, Pete addressed the breakup again, saying that it isn’t anyone’s business. A half hour before SNL aired, Arianna released a new song called “Thank You, Next” mentioning her exes but not slamming them.

Alec Baldwin Arrested

Alec Baldwin


Alec Baldwin was arrested for allegedly punching a man over a parking space. On Friday, 60 year old Alec had a relative hold a spot for him, but another car pulled in first. Allegedly, Alec started screaming at the man, got into a shoving match, and punched him in the face. The man was hospitalized but not seriously injured. Alec was released with a summons for assault and harassment, and is due back in court later this year.

Ray J Dishes on Kim Kardashian

Ray J & Kim Kardashian

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Ray J is still talking about his sex life with Kim Kardashian. While out promoting a song in London, Ray J claims Kim would stop mid sex for the following reasons:

  • Have a snack or speak
  • Speak to her mom Kris
  • Fix her makeup if she was sweaty

Ray J also claims Kim had a red Louie Vuitton trunk filled with sex toys. As for how he feels about Kanye, Ray J know he hit it first. When a fan posted that they hoped Kanye ignored Ray J, Kim chimed in online to say, “Or shows he’s a pathological liar. You actually believe this story? Its too funny to me.”

Princess Love, Ray J’s wife, isn’t happy. Someone asked why Ray J was talking about Kim when they were both now married, Princess Love posted, “I’m trying to figure out the same thing.” They have a five month old daughter together.

Farrah Abraham Backing Out of Boxing Match

Farrah Abraham & Hoopz

Credit: Celebrity Boxing, Bobby Extreme, & Omar Choudri Promotions

Farrah Abraham is refusing to go through with her boxing match this weekend. Wendy spoke about this on Friday. Farrah was set to fight Hoopz, but is backing out because her requests allegedly haven’t been met. According to Farrah’s team, she was promised free hotel, travel, and tickets to the fight for friends and family. When Farrah told them she wanted 32 hotel rooms and a couple of dozen tickets, the promoter said no and Farrah backed out. The fight promoters claim Farrah made the demands last week and nothing was ever promised to her. If she backs out, there will be severe consequences.

Hoopz believes Farrah was using the promoter as an excuse and the fight will happen with or without Farrah.

On Friday, Farrah pled guilty to resisting arrest for hitting a security guard at a Beverly Hills hotel this summer. She received two years probation, five days of community service, and is banned from the hotel.

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