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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 26, 2018

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Megyn Kelly

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 26, 2018

Hot Topics

October 26, 2018

Is Megyn Kelly’s Show Cancelled?!

Word on the street is that Megyn Kelly might be leaving NBC. Remember, Megyn went on her show and said it was socially acceptable to wear blackface on Halloween. Megyn Kelly is a college graduate who finished law school and worked her way up the ranks in media. It came as a surprise to many that she made such remarks. Although she made a public apology, people haven’t been quick to forgive Megyn’s comments.

Megyn Kelly is the highest paid woman at NBC, making $69 million in a 3 year deal.

Soap Opera Shocker

Wayne Brady

Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Wendy was happy to hear Wayne Brady is joining “The Bold and the Beautiful” soap opera! He’s going to play a worldly, intelligent, sophisticated doctor who “finds himself in a web of passion and mystery.” Wayne will be a regular on the show, but still plans to host “Let’s Make a Deal.” Wayne landed the role because he bonded with the head writer when his 15 year old daughter, Maile made her acting debut on the show last month.

Normani Claps Back!

Normani Korday and Beyoncé Knowles


Fifth Harmony singer Normani Kordei doesn’t wanna be called “the next Beyoncé.” Normani performed at the “Tidal Brooklyn” concert Tuesday night and people said she’s reminiscent of Beyoncé. Normani tweeted, “I am Normani. I was born Normani. I will die Normani. Period.” She then re-tweeted a comment saying “she’s not the next anyone.” People slammed her, saying she’ll never reach Beyoncé’s status anyway.

Normani idolizes Beyoncé. They’re both from Houston, and Normani fanned out when she met Queen Bey.

Ramona Vs. Dorinda

Ramona SInger and Dorinda Medley


“The Real Housewives of New York”’s Ramona Singer and Dorinda Medley were just spotted fighting at a fancy gala. Ramona invited Dorinda to “The Angel Ball” and told her they’d be at the same table. When Dorinda arrived, they were seated separately. Ramona blamed the organizers, but the event organizers reportedly told Dorinda that Ramona requested the seat change.

Meanwhile, Ramona was spotted filming with her ex-husband, Mario.

Pat Neely is onto the Next One

Pat Neely and family


TV chef Pat Neely has moved on from his ex-wife, Gina. The two have been apart for four years. Now, Pat has moved on with his new wife and kids. Pat’s new wife Tamika already has a five year-old, and they have a three month-old daughter together.

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