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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 25, 2018

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Jennifer Garner

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 25, 2018

Hot Topics

October 25, 2018

Jennifer Garner is Dating Again

Jen Garner has a new man! She’s reportedly dating 40 year old John Miller who went to Stanford Law School and is the CEO of a major company. He uses tech to transform retail and restaurant industries, including his own chain, Caliburger. He has two kids with his soon to be ex-wife, violinist Caroline Campbell.

The news has been out for 24 hours and people already dug up dirt on John. His ex claims he had anger issues and was controlling. To avoid scenes, she claims to have went along with him rather than risk anger. Jen and John have reportedly been dating at least six months now, and he hasn’t met Jen’s kids.

If this doesn’t work out, Jen should reach out to Martha Stewart. Martha recently said she’d be happy to help set Jen up!

Pooch Hall Faces Serious Jail Time

Pooch Hall


“The Game” star Pooch Hall is facing serious jail time. Three weeks ago, Pooch was arrested for driving drunk with a two year old on his lap and crashing into a parked car. Pooch was charged with DUI and felony child abuse. He now faces six and a half years in prison.

Pooch allegedly had a blood alcohol level of 0.25, which severely impairs one’s mental and physical functions. Many people with that BAL can experience total loss of most motor function control. Julian allegedly sat on Pooch’s lap, and they allegedly weaved in and out of traffic before crashing into a parked car. Pooch is married with four children, and currently plays Darryl on “Ray Donovan.”

Ice-T Arrested

Ice T

Brad Barket/Getty Images

Ice-T was arrested yesterday for driving through a toll in an unregistered car. It happened at the George Washington bridge toll when he forgot his E-ZPass at home. The police asked for registration, and Ice-T claimed it wasn’t registered because it was a brand new that it just arrived from California.

Ice-T was charged with driving through a toll without paying and driving an unregistered vehicle. Ice T was immediately released and went to work.

He tweeted: “cops went a little extra. Could of just wrote a ticket.”

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