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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 5, 2018

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Hot Topics Rundown on Lady Gaga

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: October 5, 2018

Hot Topics

October 5, 2018

‘A Star Is Born’ Vs. ‘Venom’

"A Star is Born" & "Venom" movie posters

Photofest | Everett

“A Star is Born” opens today! The movie will have some competition because the superhero movie “Venom” also opens today. Gaga’s Little Monsters will stop at nothing to support her! Fans admitted they wrote negative fake reviews of “Venom” so people will see Gaga’s movie instead. One of the reviews read, “Worst two hours of my life. I will be taking my wife to see “A Star is Born.”

Tell Us: Are you seeing “A Star is Born” or “Venom”?

Pooch Hall Busted

Pooch Hall


“The Game” star Pooch Hall is in serious trouble. He was arrested Wednesday night for a DUI. He was allegedly so drunk, he put his two year-old son Julian on his lap to steer the car for him. Julian sat on Pooch’s lap, and they allegedly weaved in and out of traffic before crashing into a parked car. Pooch was arrested at 7:30pm in Burbank, California.

Eyewitnesses claimed to see a child crying, and another saw a child’s car seat in the back seat of the car, not installed. Pooch had blood alcohol level of 0.25, which severely impairs one’s mental and physical functions. Many people with that BAL can experience total loss of most motor function control.

Pooch is married with four children, and currently plays Darryl on “Ray Donovan.” Pooch was charged with a DUI and felony child endangerment, and held on a $100,000 bail.

Jen Garner Rushes Divorce from Ben Affleck

Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jen Garner wants to speed up her divorce from Ben Affleck. Jen filed legal documents yesterday to have her divorce case pulled from the courts so a private judge could rush the process, making her a single woman by the end of the year! Sources say Jen’s been putting off the divorce until Ben got sober. Now that Ben’s out of rehab, she wants the divorce over with.


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Jen’s rush to divorce Ben came a day after Ben had a sleepover with his 22 year old playboy model girlfriend, Shauna Sexton. The estranged couple separated in June 2015.

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