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Cardi B Slays at Fashion Week in Paris & Milan

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Cardi B

Cardi B Slays at Fashion Week in Paris & Milan


September 27, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

New York Fashion Week might not have turned out exactly as Cardi B planned, but she made up for it during Fashion Week in Paris and Milan.

In Milan, Cardi sat front row at Dolce & Gabbana wearing D&G head to toe and performed later on still dripping in D&G. Arriving in Paris, Cardi was emulating a peacock in a Michael Costello dress and matching hat. For the ETAM fashion show, Cardi wore Christian Cowan for her performance. We can thank Mugler for Cardi’s black ensemble on Wednesday.

“God’s saying it’s not my time yet so just relax,” Cardi said in an Instagram live video on Tuesday. “Enjoy the show, and worry about your life.” Basically, Cardi is trying to tell everyone to drink ya water, mind ya business, and enjoy her showing off some of the best Fashion Week looks we’ve ever seen!

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