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HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 21, 2018

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Hot Topics on Kanye West

HOT TOPICS RUNDOWN: September 21, 2018

Hot Topics

September 21, 2018

Kanye’s Latest Rant


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Kanye ran his mouth again, and this time he went off on three celebrities who talked about his wife, Kim Kardashian. “First of all I want to address Nick Cannon,” he started the rant. I understand that you used to date my wife but, you know, you get in an interview, don’t mention my wife.” Kanye went onto to say Nick should respect him enough to not talk about Kim. Next on Kanye’s list was Drake. “The fact that his people are making rumors, or claiming that you [had sex with] my wife… that don’t sit well with my spirit.” Finally, Kanye brings up Tyson Beckford, and simply stated everything Tyson said and that it didn’t sit right with him.

Ashton Kutcher Catches a Deal


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A post shared by Leo Marenghi (@littleduckleo) on

Ashton Kutcher is a lucky man! He was driving his Tesla and hit a 19-year-old kid named Leo, who was riding a scooter. Leo was thrown into the air and crashed onto the concrete, leaving him with scrapes and bruises. All Leo asked for was a selfie, which Ashton happily provided. Leo works as a male nanny, and was on his way to pick up the kids from school carrying two extra scooters. Leo said he doesn’t intend to sue him because he feels like it was kind of his fault because he was on a scooter and hard to see him. Plus, he thinks it would be trashy to sue Ashton.

Eminem’s Diss Track

Eminem & Diddy

In Eminem’s latest song “Killshot,” he raps that the day MGK (Machine Gun Kelly) puts out a hit is the same day Diddy admits he put a hit out on Tupac. On Joe Budden’s podcast this week, Joe said he spoke to Diddy, who told him, “It’s in his hands.” Diddy also denied being involved in Tupacs murder. Eminem also disses Ja Rule in the same song, but he has no issues with it! Ja Rule posted on Instagram: “The more Em mentions my name the more I realize how effin legendary I am #LeBronJamesOfThisRap.”

Fans Doing the Deed on Ed Sheeran’s Lawn

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is fed up with fans having sex on his lawn. People are meeting up on a swinger website dedicated to meeting at Ed’s estate and doing it on his property. Ed lives in a four house estate in the English countryside. People are bragging about having sex on his lawn, and women are flashing their breasts at Ed when he gets home. Ed hired extra security to stop the swingers from doing the deed in his weeds.

Remy & Papoose Return to TV!


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Remy Ma and Papoose are coming back to TV! “Remy and Papoose: Meet the Mackies” centers around the couple’s blended family as they prepare for their first child together. “Remy and Papoose: Meet the Mackies” premiers Monday October 1st on VH1, but Remy and Papoose will be on Wendy Show next Friday!

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