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Fergie Records 'Wendy Show' Theme Song

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Fergie Records 'Wendy Show' Theme Song


September 6, 2018

Wendy wanted to do something big to celebrate 10 seasons on daytime TV so she called on friend to the show, Fergie, to re-record “The Wendy Williams Show” iconic “Feel It” theme song.

While Wendy worked her 10 city tour, eight-time Grammy winner Fergie re-worked the “Feel It” song.

“The thing that starts you feeling fabulous [watching the show] is the Wendy Williams theme song,” Fergie dished behind the scenes. “I just feel really comfortable with Wendy.”

Fergie has been a friend to the show for many years,” said Wendy. “She’s one of our people. This remix is something me and my co-hosts can dance to! And we will- every morning thanks to Fergie!”

The full song and music video drops during the season 10 premiere of “The Wendy Williams Show” on September 10th.

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