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Vivica A. Fox v. Phaedra Parks

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August 22, 2018

Vivica A. Fox is at war with Phaedra Parks. Earlier this week Phaedra posted a picture with Vivica’s ex, 50 Cent and some thought she was taking a dig at Viviva.

Phaedra sent a private message to Vivica to try and squash the beef, but Vivica posted the message and clapped back.

Then, thirty-four year-old Katherine Mcphee is engaged to 68 year old David Foster.

Plus, it’s finally over between the Hot Felon Jeremy Meeks and his ex-wife Melissa Meeks. Melissa agreed to give Jeremy primary custody of their nine-year-old son in exchange for a six figure check.

And, Jennifer Aniston is back on the market and dating again!

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