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Kevin Federline Wants More Child Support

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May 23, 2018

Kevin Federline is following through on his demands for more child support from Britney Spears. He is asking for an increase in the $20,000/month that he currently gets.

Find out why Wendy thinks Kevin deserves more money.

Then, Sofia Richie allegedly just signed a big money contract to appear on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” next season.

Plus, 80 year-old actor Anthony Hopkins just revealed he hasn’t spoken to his only child, Abigail in two decades.

And, an upstate couple sued their 30 year-old son to evict him from their house. Michael Rotondo has been living in his parents house for the past eight years. His parents claim he is unemployed, and doesn’t contribute to his home’s expenses or help out with chores. His parents have been asking him to leave for months. They issued him five written evictions, and even offered $1,100 to help him move. The judge ruled Michael must leave the home, but he plans to appeal.

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