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Meghan Markle's Royal Style

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle's Royal Style


May 14, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

Being associated with a royal is bound to change some things about a person. It certainly has for Meghan Markle. The Hollywood actress who climbed her way in Hollywood is now set to become Duchess of Sussex on May 19 during the royal wedding. Yes, Meghan went from a “Deal or No Deal” Suitcase model to America’s Princess, but this isn’t the only thing that changed about Meghan.

Meghan Markle Deal or No Deal

Before meeting Prince Harry, Meghan’s style was-how shall we say-less refined. We wouldn’t go as far as saying Meghan’s style was frumpy, or compare it to the stars of “Love and Hip-Hop.” Her style was nothing special, because there was nothing that distinctly made it her own.

Fast forward to July 2016, when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s mutual friend set them up (we want to know who this fantastic friend is) while in London. Meghan Markle attended the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at Wimbledon on July 04, 2016 in London. She wore a black V-neck midi dress showing a lot of leg with a slit and strap sandals. Was this the day Prince Harry was “beautifully surprised” when introduced to Meghan? We wish we could know what she wore on their first date.

Less than two weeks after Wimbledon, Meghan Markle was spotted various times in New York City. She seems more put together, and is wearing that smile like a new pair of bloody shoes. Being very aware of the paparazzi, Meghan waved to the camera soaking up the last bit of limelight she might see in Hollywood. It worked out because she got to practice her royal wave.

Meghan stays under the radar until September 2017 when she attends the Invictus Games in Toronto. Her head to toe maroon outfit is on trend and tasteful. Given the fact that Prince Harry and Meghan’s relationship were flooding the headlines, Meghan knew she would be seen and dressed in a way that was modest enough for royals, and fashionable enough for Hollywood.

On day three of the 2017 Invictus games, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would make their first intentional public appearance together. Both Harry and Meghan were dressed down, clearly not wanting too much attention drawn to them. Meghan kept it simple with a white button-down short, cropped blue jeans with one hole, and ballerina flats to match her tote bag.

We the people are winning with the Toronto Invictus games, and so is Meghan’s style! Meghan looks effortlessly comfortable and chic with a black top, black pants, and a tan dusting trench coat. After taking the duster off, Meghan gets cozy with Prince Harry.

At last, the big day arrives! On November 27, 2017 Harry and Meghan officially announced their engagement. Meghan’s outfit was everything. She chose a white belted jacket, a green crepe crew-neck dress, and nude criss cross pumps, which she previously wore in fall 2016. Oh, let’s not forget that gorgeous engagement ring she’s wearing! The ring was designed by the Queen’s preferred jeweler Cleave and Company using a stone from Botswana. Botswana is where Harry and Meghan truly got to know one another after their first date in July 2016 by camping under the stars and spending time together. This is the day Meghan’s royal style truly comes into play.

Since that fateful day of Harry and Meghan’s engagement announcement, it became a guilty pleasure for women everywhere to copy her crisp and sensible style.

From blazers to button-downs, and boots to bonnets, Meghan has transformed into the modern day fairytale we all fantasize about. Luckily, copying Meghan’s style is something we can actually make happen. We learned how to get one of Meghan Markle’s looks that totaled over $3,000 for much less!

Meghan Markle

Learn how to get Meghan’s pinstripe dress outfit below.

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