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"Wendy" Interns Dish About Their Experience


May 2, 2018

By Joanne Rosa


How you doin’ interns?!

Wendy always says The Wendy Show is a well oiled machine. The staff and crew hold specific roles that make the show run smoothly. Here’s the thing, The Wendy Show wouldn’t run as well as it does without the hard work our interns throw down every day. Much like our Wendy Watchers, our interns have different interests, personalities, and goals. They do agree on one thing: there is no internship out there like The Wendy Williams Show program. Our interns fulfill essential roles in show production that are unlike any other intern program.

Wendy believes the best way to succeed in the broadcasting and entertainment industry is to expose yourself to as many opportunities as possible, learn something new everyday, and never stop the hustle. With that moto in mind, we carefully choose college students to enroll in our internship program. Each semester, our hired interns rise to the occasion.


This semester, some of our interns are graduating from college. We gave our graduating interns the spotlight to talk about their time as an intern. They will be off in the real world pursuing careers in broadcasting, but they never realized that their first real world job would be their internship at The Wendy Show.

Adriana Kyla Sealey

Adriana Kyla Sealey

Hometown: Brentwood, NY
Education: Caldwell University
Majors: Communications & Media Studies
Minor: Business Administration
Post-Grad Plans: To start a career in TV or film production
Interests & Hobbies: Spending time with family, rollerskating, karaoke, dancing, working out, & giving back to her schools

Adriana is a second semester intern, which is something The Wendy Show offers to a small handful of interns. She began as a production intern in the fall, and became an intern for Debmar-Mercury (programming and partnerships) this semester. Adriana considers every successful task, assignment, and contribution to the show an accomplishment, but being chosen to return to the intern program with greater responsibility is her biggest accomplishment yet. Earlier this season, Adriana was chosen to assist with a field shoot for an integration with Red Cross. Adriana was there when Wendy installed the one millionth fire detector in a home that belonged to a mother of four who lost everything they had to a house fire last year, and when Wendy gave the woman $10,000. This moment is what made Adriana “want to be a part of something like this everyday.”

Adriana never thought she would have an interest in something other than production, but her second semester internship with Debmar-Mercury helped her appreciate the work involved in programming and partnerships. “There are a lot of pieces to the show that most would never think about… This internship made me confident that whatever I decide to do after graduation in this field, I’ll be successful.” The WWS taught Adriana the idea of a “yes” man (or woman). She realized those who are willing to step up become the ones who get noticed. This idea is instilled in all of our interns, and has proved to make them thrive in this industry.

Amanda Kaminsky

Amanda Kaminsky

Hometown: Hackensack, NJ
Education: Montclair State University
Major: TV Production
Minors: Business & Film
Post-Grad Plans: Gain an entry level job in hopes to one day become a production manager or producer. Hopes to one day start her own production company
Interests & Hobbies: Enjoys traveling, & hanging out with friends & family as much as possible

As a production intern, Amanda’s day-to-day responsibilities vary depending on her rotational schedule. No matter what, she knows the day will be busy. After interning at WWS, Amanda realized the importance of a friendly and energetic work environment. “I genuinely enjoyed being at my internship not only because of the work I was doing, but because everyone around me made it fun. Out of everything Amanda did at WWS, her greatest accomplishment was when she briefed audience members on their Ask Wendy questions without a producer. “I didn’t miss a beat… it really made me feel empowered!” The WWS intern program demonstrated that every job plays a major role in the production of the show. So no matter how big or little a task assigned to Amanda seemed, she did it to the best of her ability. “That’s something I hope to continue to do no matter what positions I take on in the future.”

Ana Laura Santos

Ana Laura Santos

Hometown: Port Chester, NY
Education: Wagner College
Major: Arts Administration
Minor: Journalism
Post-Grad Plans: Start career working in production for a TV show
Interests & Hobbies: Visiting her grandparents’ farm in Brazil to ride her horse Rome, reading motivational books, catching up on favorite reality TV shows and Netflix series

Ana Laura enjoys working on a rotation schedule as a production intern. She rotates between Hot Topics, Ask Wendy, Production Management, Executive, and Talent departments. With this kind of schedule, Ana Laura is able to develop new skills, network, and adapt to producers’ different styles. In fact, she considers one of her greatest accomplishments to be her ability to adapt to different producing styles. Before leaving to start the day in studio, Ana Laura looks to see who is producing the segment she is working on so she can accommodate to the producer’s vision for the show. As a result, Ana Laura has developed the mentality of a producer and enhanced creative and communication skills. The Wendy Show likes to use real people for their beauty demos and fashion shows. So when Ana Laura was chosen to participate in an eyebrow tutorial piece for, it quickly became her favorite memory. Not only did she get to learn about the digital side of WWS, but she got an eyebrow makeover too! Fun aside, the WWS intern program gave something to Ana Laura that’s better than an eyebrow makeover. “It wasn’t until I ended up at the WWS that I understood what my career path was. The WWS internship is different than my previous experience because… I’m exposed to so many different departments that aid to the making of the show and it’s success… I’ve never had an internship that required me to develop new skills and enhance the ones I already had.”

Cheyanne Gonzalez

Cheyanne Gonzalez

Hometown: Staten Island, NY
Education: CUNY College of Staten Island
Major: Corporate Communication
Post-Grad Plans: Begin grad school, & elevate career in TV & film production
Interests & Hobbies: Making time for her family, boyfriend, eating, & catching sleep whenever she can

“Make sure you get your breakfast and come in ready to go… no matter what you’re assigned to for the day, you’re going to need your energy.” Being a morning person wasn’t always Cheyanne’s strong suit, but the WWS intern program has instilled time management skills that she will take with her for the rest of her career. Even on days when the show isn’t taping, Cheyanne realized that the work for a syndicated daytime talk show never stops. Before interning at WWS, Cheyanne was interested in public relations, but has now found an interest in production after being behind the scenes this semester. Cheyanne was asked to decide who would be chosen for Ask Wendy. Gaining producers’ trust was a great achievement for Cheyanne. “The hands on experience [at WWS] is unlike any other internship I’ve had… it really allows you to see the raw process of what it is to produce a great live talk show, and feel like you are a part of the team… you get to work with familiar faces on the regular, making it a great way to build relationships faster.”
Emily Bellomo

Emily Bellomo

Hometown: Wayne, NJ
Education: LIM College
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Post-Grad Plans: Pursuing work in wardrobe for TV/ film
Interests & Hobbies: Working out, and trying new things

Being a wardrobe intern is something totally different than what the bulk of our interns do. Emily’s responsibilities include writing on screen wardrobe credits, detailed credits for Wendy’s Wardrobe, help refill wardrobe supplies, organize Wendy’s closet, and anything else the department may need. There was one time Wendy’s wardrobe assistant, Willie, needed help for a photoshoot. He asked Emily to go ahead of him to get the shoot started while he finished something up in the studio. It was “one of the most trusted moments” Emily felt while interning. Emily is grateful that the environment at WWS is fun and positive. During moments of deep work discussion that turn into fits of laughter, Emily feels “lucky to be in an environment where work doesn’t always have to feel like work.” After interning at the WWS, Emily’s view of creative content has evolved thanks to Willie. “I know I’m leaving here with an updated open mind because of him.”

Eno Okon

Eno Okon

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD
Education: St. John’s University
Major: Communications
Post-Grad Plans: Focus on expanding on-air hosting career & working production
Interests & Hobbies: Hosting her radio show UpFront, and interviewing emerging music artists

“Every position you work on is important and makes a difference because you’re a part of a team,” Eno told us about interning at WWS. “Anything can happen and anyone can need help at any minute. That’s one of the best parts; actually feeling like you work here. That’s how it felt each day I came in, like a job.” While interning, Eno didn’t expect to learn so much about Talent coordination and booking. She was involved in a great deal of hands on experience with guests and the Talent Department overall. Eno was able to make time to have an in-depth conversation with Wendy Show‘s Supervising Talent Producer Siobhan Schanda. “[Siobhan] taught me so much about her job… and working hard even when no one is looking,” Eno detailed about her conversation with Siobhan. “The talk we had helped me make a decision on career moves I want to make in my life… pursuing my dream.” Eno aspires to one day be on-air talent and host a talk show of her own. “She works hard and brings her A game everyday.” At Wendy, interns quickly learn that they are relied on to make the show a success. “There hasn’t been a day that I’ve been here and there was nothing to do.”

Essence Vazquez

Essence Vazquez

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Education: St. Francis College
Major: Communications
Post-Grad Plans: Continuing her career in television production
Interests & Hobbies:

Essence is another example of a Wendy intern that proved herself as a hard worker, quick learner, and natural communicator. As a second semester intern, Essence saw herself handling larger tasks, while continuing to have fun in true Wendy fashion! She was chosen to participate in a Fall Glow makeup demo for Wendy Show‘s digital platforms. “So many of my friends and family members were contacting me telling me that saw me on Wendy’s social media platforms getting my ‘face beat.'” This was one of Essence’s favorite memories.

What’s special about this program to Essence is that it sparked her passion for TV production. “I started this internship coming from a radio background… the staff here are very friendly and approachable and willing to give you advice.” Throughout the eight months interning at WWS, her biggest discovery was to never doubt herself. “Feeling uncomfortable and doing things that are challenging for me will only result in my growth… this internship is a stepping stone to greater things. This internship is a confidence booster. This internship is an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Heba Bou Karroum

Heba Bou Karroum

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon
Education: Caldwell University
Majors: Communication & Media Studies
Minor: Marketing
Post-Grad Plans: Obtain an entry-level position within the TV industry and work my way to become a producer
Interests & Hobbies: Seeing Broadway shows whenever possible, traveling, and exploring NYC

Upon completing her internship, Heba considers being an intern for WWS her greatest accomplishment in the program thus far. She was able “to meet great people both in the office and on-set and develop what could hopefully be long lasting connections and relationships… you’re exposed to a variety of people with different backgrounds and not only do you get to learn from their experience, but they will offer you advice as well.” With every experience Heba was exposed to during her internship, it reinforced what she wanted to do post-graduation. “Being able to see the producers put in their effort and work on researching and organizing their segments only made me more interested.” Heba was also able to hone in on her abilities operating within a syndicated daytime TV show. “Interning at WWS gives you the practical skills that you need, and these skills will stay with you throughout your career,” Heba explained. “I was able to improve on both my communication skills and production skills… we’re there to offer valuable help to the team whenever and however they need it.” After interning at WWS, Heba truly understood what Wendy always meant when she referred to her staff and crew as a family. “The team at WWS is incredible… everyone is always looking out for your best interest, and they’re constantly giving you advice on how to succeed in your career.”


Congratulations to our production, wardrobe, and marketing intern graduates. You did it!


Apply to our internship program for the opportunity to learn what goes on beyond the double doors and more at The Wendy Williams Show!

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