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Beyoncé Slays at Coachella

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Beyoncé Knowles

Beyoncé Slays at Coachella


April 15, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

Beyoncé was in full formation last night at Coachella, and so was her hive. Jermaine has been on the ground at Coachella since Thursday. He and many other who were at the forefront of Bey’s epic work of art waited more than eight hours, to see the nearly two hour set up close and personal.

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After over a year of anticipation for Bey’s Coachella show, the Beyhive was swarming for what was bound to be a historical performance. Jermaine was surprised by the “technical magnificence of the queen in her element doing her thing, looking amazing.” The flawlessness of the performance overtook Jermaine and made him realize that he is also a member of the Beyhive. “I don’t think I’ll ever forget what has easily now become the best Coachella I’ve seen in all 11 years of coming to the festival.”

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Yesterday, she reminded everyone who planned to see her special show to “be safe and stay hydrated. We need your energy! There will be an hour intermission before my performance, so mark your spot, charge your phones, grab your drinks.” Unfortunately, a lot of people at the show were very protective of their space, and didn’t want to risk leaving.

I am so excited to see the BeyHive tonight at Coachella. We have been working hard and have a special show planned for…

Posted by Beyoncé on Saturday, April 14, 2018

On Bey day, nearly everyone lost cell service until hours after her performance ended. Jermaine overheard crowds as Coachella speculating if the service was intentionally reduced.

The opening was out of this world, and it just got better from there.


Queen Bey looked ordained as she effortlessly performed what Chance the Rapper says was the greatest show that has ever happened. Yes, he also lost cell service.

Everyone was wondering what Beyonce was going to do. It was evident that her performance would be legendary, especially after hiring 100 dancers, which proved to be true.

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A brass band on bleachers and a plethora of dancers filled the stage, as well as surprise appearances from Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child, JAY-Z, and Solange.

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The colors of the BeyHive were fused into the show everywhere you look. Black, yellow, and gold drenched the stage as the hive swarmed, packing bodies together and overflowing far beyond the stage front.

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There is no doubt that Beyoncé’s performance was more than just that; it was an experience that elevated Beyoncé beyond anything she’s ever done before. Billboard said Beyoncé “proved that she’s truly pushing her art form forward, in both creative scope and the breadth of music she’s recorded.” There is no doubt that Beyoncé runs the world.

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