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Jermaine's Coachella Survival Guide

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Coachella campground

Jermaine's Coachella Survival Guide


April 11, 2018

Packing for Coachella is one thing; surviving it is a whole other story. Whether you’re driving from the Atlantic or flying, there are layers to preparing for your weekend at Coachella. The Wendy Show music maven Jermaine tells us how to pack a bag to survive and thrive at Coachella. It’s so much more than bringing a camelback and festival clothes. After attending Coachella 10 times (going on 11 this weekend), Jermaine learned the hard way what not to do. Don’t learn the hard way. Gather the knowledge here that Jermaine acquired after a decade of Coachella!

Camping on Site

Camping at Coachella

1. Tent
2. E-Z Up
For seven to eight Coachella festivals, Jermaine baked in the sun day after day. After experiencing that, it is worth spending the money on an E-Z Up and schlepping it during your travels. This added an extra two to three hours of sleep for Jermaine every night.
3. Battery Operated Fan
You can hope for a breezey weekend, or you can create one.
4. Battery Operated Lantern
When it’s four o’ clock in the morning and you have to use a porta potty, wasting your phone battery is not an option. On the contrary, when it’s four o’ clock in the morning and you want to turn up, the lantern will light up the night.
5. Wipes
Bring all of the wipes. Baby wipes, makeup removing wipes, disinfectant wipes, get an abundance of them all. Honestly, you’ll never have enough. Bring as many as possible, then buy some more before you enter camp.
6. Soap
If you normally use bar soap, go for liquid this time.
7. Towels
Face towel, shower towel, miscellaneous towel.
8. Batteries
Battery operated devices need batteries to work. Have plenty of them, and be sure you are getting the right kinds!

Clothing Essentials


1. Multiple Shirts
It gets sweaty in the desert.
2. More Underwear than You Ever Thought You Needed
Again, it gets sweaty in the desert.
3. Comfortable Footwear
Preferably something you’ve worn before. Coachella is not the time to break in those new sneakers. You will be standing watching shows for 12 plus hours.
4. Camelback
When things are carried, they can be lost. Your water supply is the last thing you want to lose, so strap it to your back instead.

The Bathroom Situation

Outdoor bathrooms

Real talk. Everyone poops. Jermaine is happy to report that as of last year, Coachella installed real bathrooms with air conditioning in the food court area. Yes, they flush. This site will open at noon, so this will be your chance to use a real toilet. Aside from that solace, you’re looking at 100 degree porta potties all weekend. Jermaine is sad to report that he has seen it all in those porta potties. They are cleaned throughout the festival, so be observant to the porta potty cleaning service. Bring hand sanitizer and toilet paper with you too, because there’s a good chance there won’t be any. Also, a porta potty at the height of the day’s temperature is not as bad as the evening. If at all possible, work your schedule so you don’t even have to consider a porta potty until after sunset. You’ll have to pay attention to what you’re eating and drinking.

Showers are a thing some utilize. Others do not. Don’t feel bad if you cannot get to your shower. That’s what the wipes are for. If you’re about that shower life, get up before people wake up. You won’t have to wait in a line, but you will definitely need shower sandals. These are not something you will bring back with you, so get something inexpensive.

Listen to the Artists You Haven’t Heard Before

Go through the lineup and figure out what artists you haven’t heard much about. Give them a listen and figure out which ones you want to see. It’d be a terrible thing to realize you missed the opportunity to see the artist you’re into three years from now because you missed them at Coachella. Press play on every artist that you have time for, and go through your most popular three songs. You’ll have a leg up on everyone there as to who you believe is worth seeing and not seeing.

Words to the Wise

Ice station

1. Bring Things to Share With Folks
Sharing is caring. Pass on the good vibes by sharing what you can with those around you. From plastic spoons to bottles of beer, anything you can spare during someone elses time of need is a good rule to go by. You never know when you’ll be that person in need, so pass along the good deed.
2. Cash
You’re not going to want to bother with credit cards here. Not all vendors accept credit cards, and if they do your checkout will be longer. Take out more cash than necessary, and stash it away in numerous spots.
3. Rent a Locker
Go in on a locker with your group of friends. If you don’t want to carry things around all day, this is a good alternative to walking all the way back to your campsite if you need something. With the $49 you spend on a locker, you will save yourself time and energy.
4. To the Price Conscious Coachella Goer
The struggle is real. There is a shuttle on site that brings you into town (in reality it’s just a mile away) and provide you with cheaper alternatives. There’s a grocery store, drug store, a breakfast spot, plumbing, air conditioning, and more. Take advantage of this convenience, and don’t come back from Coachella in credit card debt! You can still have fun on a budget.
5. Get Two Coachella Books
One is to look through while you’re at the festival. The other is to keep as a souvenir.
6. Change Your Phone’s Lock Screen & Throw It In a Ziplock Bag
No one cares about your boyfriend or your dog, and you shouldn’t either when your phone is lost. Change your lock screen to essential contact information. Include your name, your phone number, and someone from your Coachella crew’s name and phone number. This will help you get your phone ASAP. Also, you know by know it gets sweaty AF at Coachella. Sweat ruins phones. Be a dork and put it in a ziplock baggie. You’ll still be able to use your touch screen, and will preserve your device.
7. Don’t Be A Jerk
By all means, don’t be that person that brings everyone down. Sometimes we cannot help but get in a funk. If you realize you’re in that funk, do not be front and center surrounded by people. Chill out in the back until you’re feeling yourself again.
8. Get to Coachella!
If your crew cannot get it together and you already bought your ticket, go to the festival! This is an experience like no other and you will undoubtedly regret not going. You can make friends there, or on social media before you go. Get there, and your life will be enriched.

This is Coachella survival.

If you have a question for Jermaine, tweet him @Jermaine with your Coachella question!

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