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Music Festival Garment Guide

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Music Festival Garment Guide


April 4, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

Music festival season is practically here!


Music festivals bring together different people from around the world. These people have different tastes in music and style. The beauty of these events is that everyone gathers to embrace and celebrate one another. Whatever threads you want wear, they will be welcomed with open arms, as long as you’re still able to dip it and do it! If you want to dress like Lady Gaga, go for it, but know that you don’t have an entourage of 30 to help you along the way. When it comes to dressing for music festivals this year, the one trend we consistently see is the ability to be functional and comfortable.

Leave your stilettos at home, and incorporate these pieces into your look so you can live your best life.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down.


  • Bershka-Cap with embroidered slogan

Find a hat that suits your style so you can look good while keeping cool and shield your face from the sun. Also, if it gets too hot outside, stick your hat in some water and plop it back on your head to cool down and don’t forget the sunscreen.


  • Urban Outfitters-Wild Child Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Again with the sun. It’s summer, and the sun gets stronger every year. You don’t want the sun glare to obstruct your view of the headliner that you waited all weekend for. Plus, let’s not forget how dusty it can get. Think of sunglasses as a shield against the debris that will be flying around. Shades are essential.

Scarf or Bandana

  • H&M-Scarf/Hairband

A scarf or bandana are necessary for a few reasons. First and foremost, the scarf will help you adapt to the various conditions you’ll likely encounter. Similar to a hat, a scarf can be doused in water and draped around your neck or tied around your head to stay cool. It can also be used to catch forehead sweat, and to guard your nose and mouth from the dust flying around.


  • Aritzia-Tna Rezé Backpack

You need to be prepared at music festivals, and sometimes pockets just won’t cut it; especially when things are prone to fall out of them. You need water, cash, your phone, lawn blanket, and Lord knows what else when you’re walking around. Whether you prefer a backpack, purse, or fanny pack, you’ll be thankful you have something to carry your things instead of carrying them in your hands.

Lightweight Dress

  • Free People-Railroad Twin Ties Set

A lightweight dress is the perfect garment to bring with you to a music festival. Dresses will let you feel the breezes that pass through while still looking stylish. You can even wear a bathing suit or a shorts and bra combo under a beach cover up or a mesh dress (or don’t wear anything at all). Do you! We will say that as awesome as jumpsuits and rompers are, they won’t be so awesome when you need to use the bathroom and you’re butt naked squatting over a porta potty that has been baking in the sun all day. Save yourself.

Tee-Shirt & Shorts Combo

  • Bershka-Ecologically grown cotton T-shirt with print

When in doubt, a loose tee-shirt and denim shorts combo always works. Tee-shirts are effortlessly cool and give you the freedom to express yourself with slogans, bands, and designs. As for denim shorts, they are necessary. You can dance the days and nights away or chill out on a blanket without having to worry about giving everyone a free show. This is the fundamental music festival fashion look.

Closed Toe Shoes


We’ve all been to concerts, and we’ve all had our toes stepped on these events. Closed toe shoes are your best option. Sandals might give your feet room to breathe, but they won’t protect your toes from being crushed. The other problem with sandals is that by the end of the day, you’re feet are disgusting. There is a shoe for every style, and every taste of music. Find a one that’s comfortable to be in all day and rock it for the entire music festival.



Tell Us: What is the one garment you cannot go to a music festival without?


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