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3 Trends To Set Your Closet for Spring 2018

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3 Trends To Set Your Closet for Spring 2018


March 28, 2018


By Joanne Rosa

Spring is here, and there are so many trends to follow this season. All you need to flaunt your sense of style this spring are three essential looks: cool shoulder, high shine, and haute denim. You can shop all of these trends at Rue La La.

Sale ends 4/3/18 at 09:59 a.m. EST. Taxes/shipping not included.

We saw exposed shoulders, metallic materials, and deconstructed denim all over the runway. Unlike so many other runway fashions, you can actually incorporate these looks IRL.

Cool Shoulder

Rue Lala's cool shoulder trend

So what is a cool shoulder? Fashion expert Melissa Garcia clarified that the cool shoulder is not the same as past cold shoulder fads. “It can be one shoulder, off the shoulder, or cold shoulder… As long as you are showing one element of your shoulders, then you’re hitting the trend.” There’s not one specific way to wear this look, which is why it will be one of your favorites this season.

  • LIKELY Emerson Top
    LIKELY Emerson Top: $59.99

Melissa also notes that the shoulders are often a part of our body that we are not as self-conscious about. “It’s a great way to show some skin without being overtly over the top.” That’s why celebrities are sporting the cool shoulder on the street and the red carpet.

  • Sparkling Sage 14K Plated Resin Drop Earrings
    Sparkling Sage 14K Plated Resin Drop Earrings: $25.99

Since our neck and shoulders are exposed with this look, a great way to pull it together is with statement earrings. Whether your cool shoulder look is busy or basic, there’s a statement earring that will finish off your outfit.

High Shine

Rue Lala's high shine trend

We’ve seen this trend before, and couldn’t be happier that it’s here to stay for spring. From sequins to metallic materials, there are so many layers to this look. High shine is something that is going to work for everyone. It can be incorporated into our style through more than just our threads. “Accessories are a great way to try the high shine trend without fully committing,” Melissa shared. Add the high shine trend to your wardrobe through shoes, purses, and even sunglasses! If you’re down to shine bright like a diamond this spring, Rue La La’s pleated maxi skirt or hologram boyfriend jeans are the perfect way to flaunt your stuff.

  • Endless Rose Pleated Maxi Skirt
    Endless Rose Pleated Maxi Skirt: $65.99

The best part about high shine is that it goes with everything. Melissa was in complete agreement that metallics can be treated as a neutral. You heard it here first: high shine is the new black! You can mix and match with this trend too. What’s not to like?!

Haute Denim

Rue Lala's haute denim trend

There’s nothing better than slipping into a pair of jeans or a denim jacket. This spring, denim’s gotten a major upgrade! No matter the season, denim always plays a role in our style. What we love about denim this season is that it’s being used as more than your basic skinny jean, or your Dad’s vintage denim jacket. We are no longer swimming in denim jackets. Now, they are structured while still giving us the same comfort of an oversized jacket. Melissa loved the fact denim has adjusted to fit our silhouettes.

  • EVIDNT Oversized Cropped Denim Jacket
    EVIDNT Oversized Cropped Denim Jacket: $49.99

There’s a jeans movement going on this spring. Regular jeans have evolved to haute denim with different colors and textures. Frayed edges, two-tone denim, and high waisted jeans are here for the long haul. Let denim convey your fashion palette this season. Wendy’s stylist, Memsor Kamarake, has been working the denim uniform for years. Don’t be afraid to wear denim wherever you go. You can let denim dress down your look, or elevate it. The choice is yours!

Shop more essential spring trends at unbelievable, discounted prices at Rue La La!

Sale ends 4/3/18 at 09:59 a.m. EST. Taxes/shipping not included.

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