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Stay Single in the Spring

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Stay Single in the Spring


March 20, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

Happy first day of spring!

Now that the sun it starting to shine again, you might think you want to share that vitamin D with a special someone. You’re dead wrong. We know how our Wendy Watchers roll, so believe me you, do not lock yourself down in a relationship when the weather and the snacks are so good.

Here’s why you should embrace the single life this spring.

Spring Fever Is a Real Thing

Man looking at women and girlfriend appearing jealous

Winter blues might’ve had you down over the past couple of months, but spring fever is a real thing. We can finally say goodbye to sweater weather (it was a good run), and hello to all of that skin people have been hiding. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Getting tied down this time of year means that you can look, but you can’t touch. The hormones are going wild, and you can enjoy the pleasures of others when you stay single. Speaking of revealing your skin, you’ll probably never feel more confident in your skin than you do at the start of spring. Everyone going crazy over the sight of all the collar bones and legs at bars, that it almost doesn’t matter for a little while that you didn’t workout all winter. Enjoy that spring confidence while it lasts, and remember to moisturize those dry, pale legs.

Who Has the Time?

Friends drinking beers by a city pier

Even with all of the snow that is probably surrounding your house, your office, and your car, you’ve still been hella busy. Now that the snow is melting and the sun doesn’t set until later in the day, you’ll be out and about enjoying yourself before you know it. Who has the time to think about a boyfriend or girlfriend’s needs? Who has the effort to plan around their schedule? Who wants to get involved in all of that?! The parks and hiking trails are clear, the outdoor seating is back at your favorite restaurant, the happy hour specials look better than ever, and a road trip with your click never sounded so sweet. Besides, going on several dates a month with different people gives you a cool opportunity to try new things with ease.

A New Beginning

Girl laying in grass with flowers in eyes

The flowers and trees are blooming. They have a new beginning, and so should you. Whatever happened between you and your winter hookup of 2018 was whatever it was. Good or bad, now you have an opportunity to start new like everything else around you. Spring breakups are the way to go. Evaluate your current situation with your winter cuddle buddy and don’t accept anything less than the best. You’ll probably find that you were with him purely out of convenience over anything else. The warmer weather and extra sunshine will give you the confidence you need to call it quits and look forward to brighter days.

The Vacation Situations

Friends partying during spring break

Did we mention how lovely the weather is this time of year? There are many vacations to be had, and they probably never involved that winter fling you found on New Year’s Eve. Who wants to go through the hassle of breaking the news to your current boo that he cannot go to Nashville with you? Plus, do you really want to think about what your main squeeze is doing while s/he is on vacation?

All things considered, leave relationships for the fall and winter. Spring means it’s time to play in the sun!

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