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5 Reasons We Can't Wait for Wendy's Return

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5 Reasons We Can't Wait for Wendy's Return


March 17, 2018

The wait is over! After taking a 3 week break to deal with her Graves’ disease, Wendy’s back where she belongs.

Starting Monday, Wendy’s LIVE. Here are just 5 of the many reasons we can’t wait for Wendy’s BIG return!

5. She Gives the Best Advice

Wendy is the auntie we all wish we had. She can keep a secret and is always there to give you her honest opinion. Whether you’re dealing with a messy relationship issue or drama with your mama, Wendy always knows what to do.

4. She Slays

Every morning we wait for the double doors to open just so we can see what Wendy’s wearing. Memsor never disappoints. Merrell does the most with Wendy’s makeup and we can always count on Robyn to twirl Wendy’s wigs just right!

3. Her Reactions

When there’s nothing left to say, Wendy’s facial expressions and reactions say it all.

2. She Asks the Questions We Want Answered

Celebrities spill the tea when they hit the purple couch and Wendy isn’t afraid to ask the questions we want answered.

1. She’s the Queen of Hot Topics

Others have tried before, but there is only one Queen of Hot Topics. Wendy always says it like she means it and we are here for it!

Tell Us: Why can’t you wait for Wendy’s return on Monday?

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