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Celebrity Big Brother: Keshia Knight Pulliam's Plea to Leave

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Keshia Knight Pulliam

Celebrity Big Brother: Keshia Knight Pulliam's Plea to Leave


February 13, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

We are living for the drama in the “Celebrity Big Brother” house.


It seems like Shannon is running the house but everyone is catching on to her game. They know (and assume) that Shannon and James teamed up with a secret alliance to be in the final two, and they wanted Shannon out. HoH Ross convinced everyone-except Shannon and James-to backdoor Shannon (no, we aren’t talking about her “American Pie” days.

Shannon Elizabeth

When it came down to the veto challenge called “Now You Sea It,” Marissa took home the Power of Veto. Marissa was friends with Shannon prior to CBB, and the two created their own alliance on day one. Regardless, Marissa said she was ready to do whatever it took to get Shannon out of the game. She was too much of a threat! But after Marissa won the challenge, Keshia broke down in tears.

CBB was supposed to cut to a commercial, but the feed stayed live while Keshia was hysterical. At the time, it was unclear what Keshia was so upset about. All the audience could hear was Marissa saying, “Whatever you want!”

Julie Chen at Celebrity Big Brother veto meeting

During the veto meeting, Keshia practically begged for her fellow housemates to vote for her to leave. “Normally this is a plea to stay… I really wanted to compete, but the truth of the matter is that my breast milk has continued to deplete since I’ve been here,” Keshia said through tears. “There’s nothing more important than my baby. So I apologize, but please use whatever ounce of passion you have to send me home.” Then Keshia turned to James to let him know that putting James on the chopping block while she was HoH wasn’t her original idea. She was simply carrying out Shannon’s “dirty work.”

Keshia Knight Pulliam

The house unanimously voted to evict Keshia, breaking Omarosa’s alliance for “Black Girl Magic.” That being said, Omarosa doesn’t have much of a target on her back these days. After her asthma attack, others in the house consider her weak in comparison to big players like Shannon and James.

Celebrity Big Brother cast remaining

Tell Us: Who do you think will be the next celebrity evicted?

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