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Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa's Plans to Rule

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Omarosa on the first-ever celebrity edition of BIG BROTHER in the U.S

Celebrity Big Brother: Omarosa's Plans to Rule


February 8, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

“Celebrity Big Brother” premiered last night, and it didn’t take long for Omarosa to hatch a plan to rule the house. She truly believes she is the sharpest one in the house, but will somebody outsmart her?

"Celebrity Big Brother Cast"

L-R: Metta World Peace, Brandi Glanville, Keshia Knight Pullman, Ross Matthews, Shannon Elizabeth, Mark McGrath, Omarosa Manigault, James Maslow, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Ariadna Gutierrez and Chuck Liddell

For now, things are working in her favor. Shannon and Marissa know each other through working together in the past. Originally, the two promised that they would keep their friendship a secret from the house, but it didn’t take long for Omarosa to extract information from Shannon.

Shannon Elizabeth

Omarosa immediately got down to business and recruited the other ladies in the house to create an all girls alliance. Meanwhile, the guys look like they’re not certain what they actually signed up for.

Chuck Liddell

Before the first challenge transpired, Julie Chen announced that a houseguest would be randomly selected for immunity from the challenge based off of the star they chose to stand on. The catch was that whoever received immunity couldn’t be Head of Household (HoH). Viewers were bent out of shape over the fact that Omarosa’s star was the one that was chosen for immunity. Remember, Wendy talked about how CBS allegedly paid Omarosa millions to be on the show and promised Omarosa a show when everything was said and done.

Shannon won the first challenge and was awarded HoH for the ladies (AKA Omarosa). Unfortunately, Julie threw in a twist. Everyone was given goodie bags, and one contained a game advantage. Whoever got the advantage has the ability to overthrow the current HoH, Shannon, and elect someone else.

James Maslow

From the looks of the live feed on CBS, Omarosa is still a big influencer in the house, and hella entertaining for viewers to watch.

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