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The Nastiest Items You're Touching Everyday

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"The Nastiest Items You're Touching Everyday" with bacteria as seen under a microscope

The Nastiest Items You're Touching Everyday


February 6, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

You use the items everyday, and they’re nasty, filthy, and filled with germs! This can probably all be avoided if we actually wash our hands as frequently as we are supposed to. If we follow basic hygiene rules that we learned in preschool, we should wash our hands for at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom, before and after eating, and after touching dirty surfaces.

Speaking of dirty surfaces, you all are probably definitely in contact with at least one of them everyday.

Here’s a list of the germiest germ magnets.


Typing on cellphone

Seriously, if you don’t know this by now what kind of rock are you living under? As obvious as it may be, we have to include this in our list because it is probably the one item you hold the most throughout the day. According to a study from 2017, a cellphone has 10 times more bacteria than the toilet seat you’re using everyday. And yes, you’re phone might have fecal matter on it. To properly clean your phone, get a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Dilute the alcohol so half is water. Spray the cloth and wipe away those germs. This should be done at least once a week.


Bottoms of shoes

You walk in your shoes to protect your feet from outside elements and nastiness. You get home, walk into your room, take your shoes off, and walk around barefoot. It makes no sense. Who knows what you stepped in outside. Do not bring that Filth into your home. Just keep those shoes outside and make your home a sanctuary.

The Kitchen Sink (and That Sponge)

Soapy sponge in sink

Germs like wet, moist places to grow so they can coagulate and have a little germ fest. Their favorite place to do this is probably your kitchen sink, and your dish sponge. Oh yes. Just think back to all of the times you used your sink or sponge for gross, bacteria ridden food. Disgusting. To clean your kitchen sink, scrub away any stains in the sink, then fill it up with warm water and add a splash of bleach. Let the bleach/water sit for at least five minutes, and then drain. As for the sponge, your best option is to replace it every week. So, don’t splurge on those fancy and expensive sponges anymore. They are disposable!


Toothbrush in holder

Depending on the day, and depending on the study, your mouth is one of the germiest places of all. Store your toothbrush away from your toilet, if possible in a medicine cabinet, and replace it every three months. A good indicator for when it’s time to toss your toothbrush is when you notice the bristles become worn.


Typing on keyboard

How many unexpected sneezes, and last minute reports has your office keyboard endured? Too many to count, we’re sure. CBT Nuggets did a study that confirmed keyboards contain more than 20,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. That’s right. Do yourself a favor and disinfect your office space (keyboard, phone, mouse, work ID) everyday before you go home. It will take about 30 seconds or less, so just do it.


Envelope of dirty money

Let’s talk about that money. It’s dirty as hell, and we’re not speaking metaphorically here! Honestly consider how many unwashed hands, panties, and surfaces that money has gone through. It’s revolting! Unfortunately, we can’t disinfect cold hard cash, and who doesn’t like a few Benjamins, but make sure you wash your hands after handling cash.

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