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Wendy's Super Bowl Alternative Programming

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Wendy's Super Bowl Alternative Programming


February 2, 2018

While everyone is gearing up for the 2018 Super Bowl, some of us are not that into it.


Thankfully for you, Wendy is one of those people. So, staffers compiled a list of counter programming for your entertainment. Now you don’t have to listen to people talk about how excited they are for the Super Bowl.


You can watch what Wendy will be watching all day this Sunday!

Halftime Show

OK, some of us are interested in halftime show, and some of us are not. Justin Timberlake is preforming this year, and rumor has it that Janet Jackson could jump on stage with Timberlake! One thing is for sure: we probably won’t experience another nipple gate incident.

If you want to catch the halftime show, turn to NBC around 8pm.

Lifetime Network


Wendy asked Lifetime network to come through, and they did honey! “The Perfect Boyfriend” starts at 4pm, “The Perfect Daughter” starts at 6pm, “Perfect Stalker” is at 8pm, and “The Perfect Soulmate” is at 10pm.

It sounds life the perfect night to us!

“Love and Hip Hop: Miami” Marathon

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VH1 knew that the people who wouldn’t be watching the Super Bowl would be the same people that are all about the piping hot tea from “Love and Hip Hop: Miami.” We are winning with this Super Bowl alternative programming!

Experience the hip hop drama in a marathon from 8pm to midnight on VH1.

“Martin” Repeats

Wendy mentioned earlier this week that the show “Martin” might come back to TV for a reboot. It looks like BET is down for it. They are reliving the glory days with a marathon!

Catch “Martin” from 6pm to midnight on BET.

“Puppy Bowl”

Puppies. Do we really need to explain?

Puppy programming starts at noon, and the Puppy Bowl XIV starts at 3pm on Animal Planet.

“Real Housewives” Marathon

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RHOA isn’t new this weekend, but our two favorite “Real Housewives” franchises will air all day Sunday. A “Real Housewives of New York City” and “Real Housewives of Atlanta” marathon will keep you going this Sunday while your Instagram feed is littered with finger foods and footballs.

The Housewives marathon starts at noon and goes until 9pm on Bravo.

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