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Healthful Advice: How to Stay Healthy

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Healthful Advice: How to Stay Healthy


February 1, 2018

So we have detoxed, and set goals. Now, how do we keep the momentum going?

Maintain Your Healthy Lifestyle


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier than going on and off diets; that way you can enjoy your life and be social without feeling guilty or counting calories at every meal. The key to managing nights out with friends, family or co-workers is to have a plan.

You Choose the Place
If you are the one hosting a social event, choose a place that will give you healthier options to choose from.

Pick Your Poison
It’s been a long week and you need to let your hair all the way down. It’s not realistic to maintain a strict diet at all times. Pick one thing that you won’t compromise on for the night. If the bar’s cocktails are poppin’, it’s ok to indulge, but you need to stick to a healthy meal. That’s the trade-off. Likewise, if the restaurant is known for lobster mac and cheese, go ahead and treat yourself. This means that your drinking needs to be less decadent or just stick with water.

Have a Game Plan
Don’t leave anything to chance. Once it’s been determined where you are going, peep the menu! If this is a spur of the moment gathering, try to do your best to get your healthy meal in before going out. You can always go and grab a hearty salad or veggies with some protein.

Be Vocal
Make sure all of your circle knows you are aware of your eating and exercise habits. We often don’t tell our friends that we are eating a certain way because for some reason we don’t want anyone to know. It’s viewed as not having fun in many circles. The more you talk about having a focus on your health, the more your circle will get used to the idea.

Uncover the Health Traps and Tricks


Like with everything else, there is always the temptations of life that pull at us when we are in our most vulnerable state. You are desperate to lose weight, so you will try anything. Here are a few things the $66 billion diet industry does not want you to know.


Many of the popular diets tell you to stay away from flour, sugar, pasta, etc. Right? But many of the popular diets include fruit, which breaks down into sugar in your body. You man have swapped out your award-winning caramel coated triple layer cake for yogurt and granola with a bunch of fruit every morning for breakfast, but in many cases you are taking in over 25 grams of sugar; about the same as your favorite candy bar! The more sugar you have, the more you want.

Losing Weight

The ads will have you believe that you can drop those extra pounds by simply drinking a special drink, taking a pill or eating a restricted diet. Here is the problem: you are not in good health if you are not exercising. Doing some kind of activity on a regular basis that gets your heart rate up and causes your muscles to work is necessary. We want to age in a strong and healthy manner. That means we need to fuel our bodies with good food and move our muscles.

Disciplining Ourselves


Discipline is about training ourselves to act based on rules. If it’s your body, you create the rules based on facts and the reality of your capabilities.


Do a daily affirmation of what your goal is. Don’t just say it. Write it down. See it. Picture yourself actually doing it. When you can see yourself in action, it makes it real.

Chart Your Course

Be realistic with yourself. You’re not going to reach your goal weight overnight. Set a plan. How long do you have or how long will it take to reach your goals? Once you have a roadmap, you can start the work necessary to achieve them.

Once you have a road map, set targets for the week and stick to the plan. If you don’t make exercise a priority, or schedule it into your day, it won’t happen. You are the only one who can hold yourself accountable.

Physical Activity Tip


You have been hitting the gym six days a week and eating is on point. You feel stronger, but you have not noticed any other physical changes with or without clothes on. What’s the problem? In most cases, you are underperforming with weights and doing too much cardio.

Back off the cardio for a week. Do a 10-minute warmup, then hit the weights. Choose a weight that you can only do 10 reps of. No more than that. If you can do more than 10 reps, the weight is too light. Increase it by 5 lbs and work from there. You must give your body a different stimulus. The more of a challenge it is the great change you will see.

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