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Dating for A Month... Now What?

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Dating for A Month... Now What?


January 30, 2018

By Joanne Rosa

So you’ve been dating for a moment now-AKA a month-and you’re both into it. One month of dating is enough to know what you want out of the person you’re with. You’ve been going with the flow for 30 days, and now you’re feeling clueless in your next steps. There are five moves that need to take place to make the next 30 days just as successful.

1. Say How You Feel


Before you dive into it all, be sure you two are on the same page. You don’t have to make any official statements or declarations (seriously, it’s only a month so just take a seat), but what you should do is be certain that you are both moving in the same direction. Be transparent about how you’re feeling without oversharing. As Wendy Watchers, we know this will be difficult, but have faith that keeping it real is for the best no matter which way things ends up going.

2. Have a Friend-troduction


If you haven’t met the friends after a month, don’t worry. That’s completely normal! If you still haven’t met the friends after over a month of dating, then that’s a red flag. Think about it: Would you introduce your current squeeze to your friends if you know it isn’t going to workout in the long run? You probably wouldn’t want to cross that line if that were the case. So if you and your main squeeze are in fact on the same page, a friend-troduction is necessary. At the very least, don’t you want your friends’ approval?! Even if you won’t admit it, you know you do.

3. Delete Your Dating Apps


Hear us out on this. A month is long enough to know if you want to actually commit in some sense to the person you’re seeing. Whether that means keeping it casual or becoming exclusive, it’s up to you. Let’s be real. People that are using dating apps are actively looking for something, or someone. So when you keep your dating apps on your phone, you’re saying to the person you’re with “I’m still looking for the next best thing.” If you all are casual, then by all means, continue to accept drinks at the bar during happy hour and heys from hotties at the train station. Listen, if it doesn’t work out, your profile will still be there when you download the app again.

4. Stop Playing Games


Believe me you, games after a month aren’t a good look. At this point, you’ve probably won the person over. That doesn’t mean you can let yourself go like you’ve been together for five years and it’s a Sunday morning. You still have to impress this person and show ’em what they’re working’ with. What you don’t have to do it play the waiting game when texting, or exaggerating your social life to make it sound like you’re all that. If you’re still doing this a month into seeing someone, you’re phony.

5. Keep Your Distance


Yes, it is bad to have too much of a good thing! You don’t want to spoil yourselves rotten with each other’s company. You can acknowledge how you feel for one another while still taking things slow. Give yourself some time alone, some friend time, and whatever other kind of time you need outside of your relationship. You’ll thank yourself later.

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