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Healthful Advice: Setting Your Goals

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Healthful Advice: Setting Your Goals


January 25, 2018

Okay, so in week one we detoxed. We got rid of all the junk that was in our way, holding us back, keeping us from our best selves. Now we’re moving on.


To accomplish anything in life you need to have a goal. But that’s just the first part; a goal is nothing without a roadmap. So while the goal is critical, so is laying out the path to get there.


So here’s a crash course in basic goal setting and the path that follows:



Spell it all out then break it down even further. It’s not enough to say, I want to lose weight. That’s too squishy. Say, “I want to lose 2-inches off my waist by the end of the month.” After you lay out that goal, break it down even further. 2-inches at the end of the month is 1/2 inch each week. You know that your goal for one week is to lose 1/2 an inch so you need to exercise and eat to make that happen.

Choosing to be 50lbs lighter in a month is unrealistic and will set you up for failure. It’s also incredibly unhealthy. Pick goals that are realistic and that you can actually achieve. Small victories go a long way in this journey.

There’s nothing better for motivation than achievement but you need to be clear on what you have accomplished. At the start of your journey, take weight and measurements, as well a photos, to be used as a baseline. Then take those same measurements and weigh-in once a week. Take photos once a month (wear the same clothing). This will give you a way to actually see your progress and motivate you to keep moving forward to achieving your goal.

Make sure that the goal warrants you making it a big deal. It needs to have two options: it happens or it doesn’t. It can’t be four dress sizes to choose from in the event you can’t get into the one you want. That is too easy. You must work to get into that one dress that is available to you in that one size. Too many options gives us an out. If we have an out, it’s not really a goal; it’s just a notion, something we may desire but not bad enough to do what it takes to get it.

A Priority
When it is important, you plan, you do, you accomplish. Don’t leave any step of the plan to chance. If you have to set an alarm, mark it on a calendar or treat is like an important appointment, do so. You need to schedule fitness into your daily schedule. If you don’t make it a priority, you won’t accomplish your goal.

One other thing that might help…


Talk to others. Enlist a support person or group. Telling others is like putting it in stone. This gives you accountability, which is a really important factor in making goals a reality. Be sure to confide in your motivators, not your haters. The best supporters are often the ones who have the same kind of goals. Birds of a feather flock together. This may mean you have to cut a few people off for a moment while you build your wings to fly. If they are not helping you get there, they will only hold you back.

Physical Activity Tip of the Week


Everyone always talks about not having time to workout. The best thing to do is to roll out of bed and do a 10-20 minute routine before your day gets started. You get blood pumping and heart rate going. Cardio helps target stubborn fat and for those of you who have an issue with eating breakfast, this should help kickstart your hunger. Remember you need to fuel your body to get the results you need. Cutting calories won’t cut your fat long-term.

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