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12 Reasons We Love This Time of Year

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Wendy Williams

12 Reasons We Love This Time of Year


December 6, 2017

By Joanne Rosa

It’s that time of year when we actually want it to snow a little, and get our holiday cheer on.


There’s more to the holidays than presents and snow, believe me you. December earns their way in at least 12 ways to make this time of year the best of all (aside from cancer season).

1. Parties Galore


There will be no luke warm clapation when our 8th holiday party invite arrives in our inbox.

2. The Coziness of It All



This time of year means no one can throw shade at you for staying under the blankets in a robe all weekend.

3. Giving Back

Whether you rake it up or break it down, make sure you give it and make a difference.

4. The Glamouration Gets Real


My people, the time is now to be extra AF. Get into it.

5. TV is Littered with Holiday Specials


You know what that means: couch time with with your favorite person (or furry friend)!



How we feel on the inside knowing we’re gonna return those gifts we don’t like for something else.

7. Mariah Carey’s Christmas Album is on Repeat

When your friend asks if you can stop playing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey on repeat

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8. Decorations: It’s Lit

Out art department knows how to decorate for the holidays in true Wendy fashion.

9. Cold enough to wear your faux fur

The winter weather is quickly approaching! What’s your favorite winter trend? #FauxFur #Fashion #Velvet

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We all need a good faux fur like this to throw on for every occasion!

10. Quality Time with Friends & Family

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There’s no place like home for the holidays because that’s where your family and friends are. Oh yes.

11. Time Off


Whether it’s one day or 10, we all need it.

12. Great Box Office Releases

Hollywood saves the best for last and Chris Witherspoon gave us the inside scoop on the must-see movies this holiday season!

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