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Nick Cannon Bares All

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Nick Cannon Bares All

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September 15, 2017

Nick Cannon was Wendy’s guest for the full hour and no question was off limits.

Wendy got right down to business and asked Nick what we all want do know – Is he still sleeping with Mariah Carey?

Nick was so shocked he had to take off his sunglasses, before telling Wendy it’s not happening. Wendy reminded him how nice it can be to go back to a comfortable place, but Nick didn’t budge. “It is [nice to go back to a comfortable place], and there is nothing but unconditional love there. She’s gorgeous, but I’m respectful. I put the kids in bed and I go home.”

Nick said, “whatever [Mariah] wants to do in her personal life, I support. I just want her to be happy.” Wendy followed up with the burning question of, why did Nick and Mariah get divorce in the first place?

Nick told Wendy everything. “When two people are in a relationship, it should be about growth. It should be a situation where everyone is becoming a better human being in the relationship. When you get to a point when there is no longer any growth, and you’re not bettering each other… it’s probably best, especially for our children… if I can be the best human being and the best father from outside of the house, that’s what I have to do.”

When it came to Nick’s son, with Brittany Bell, Nick revealed Mariah had nothing but love for him. “You gotta understand, we’re real good friends. We’re like the best of friends. She was happy for me, and the kids all play together. It’s all love.” That being said, Mariah and Brittany have not met.

Nick also discussed overcoming Lupus, and not letting it overcome him. “I feel amazing now… I have Lupus, Lupus doesn’t have me,” Nick continued. “I found out in 2012… it [was] brought on by stress. I never thought I was a person that was stressed out,” Nick admitted. “Since then, I’ve been in a really tranquil and peaceful place.”

Nick is a hard working guy, which begged Wendy to ask the question, what happened with America’s Got Talent? Nick feels AGA is one of the best shows on television, but his free speaking as a comedian put him in a situation where he made some people uncomfortable.

“I was getting that cheddar, but there is no amount of money that is worth my dignity and my integrity.” Nick claimed he got a phone call the night before his comedy special aired on Showtime. That’s when AGT told Nick they were unhappy, and looking to terminate him. “Immediately, I took a stand, and was like ‘I don’t care… tell them to keep their money.’ Then they saw they made a big mistake, so they came back!” AGA requested for Nick to stay on the show, but he felt his integrity had been challenged to the point of no return. According to Nick, this all took place over a couple of hours.

As for the new host of AGT, Tyra Banks, he thinks she is an amazing choice, but still wondered why they didn’t go with Mario Lopez.

Watch the full interview for all of the tea, including sleepovers at Mariah’s, Mel B, and what Nick reveals about Nicki Minaj when Wendy puts him in the Hot Seat.



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