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Halloween Crafts

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Halloween Crafts

How You Gluein

July 27, 2017

Good Housekeeping’s Style Director, Lori Bergamotto, shows us some simple crafts to make for your Halloween party!

Gilded Pumplin Wreath
Fake mini-pumpkins (about 3-inches or less in diameter)
wreath form (about 18-inches)
glue gun
gold spray paint
ribbon to hang

Create a gorgeous golden pumpkin wreath for your front door in a few easy steps.

Snap up faux mini pumpkins — they’re lighter than the real deal! You can find at a local craft store or online.

We used a few different sizes to give the wreath some depth, but you can also make it uniform if you like.

Glue each pumpkin on a wreath form. 16-18 inches in diameter is best.

Using hot glue, attach pumpkins to wreath form with stems facing up. Wire wreath frames cost only $3!

Then once you’ve glued everything on, spray paint the entire wreath with gold metallic spray and let dry.

Once dry, drape and tie ribbon to hang it.

How you Boo’in Ghost

Corn Starch (or Spray Starch)
Styrofoam Ball (or Balloon)
Black Felt
Glue Gun

You can create a spooky ghost to haunt your house with a few easy steps.

Using cheesecloth, and a form (we used a vase and a Styrofoam ball), drape the shape of a ghost.

Next, mix one cup of cornstarch and two cups of water. Microwave that mixture at 30-second intervals until it forms into a paste. This usually takes about 2 minutes depending on the strength of your microwave.

Once it cools down (but is still warm), work the cheesecloth into the mixture so that it’s covered in the pasty goo. Drape it over your form again and fashion the ends into spooky little scallops. Be sure to pay extra attention to the way the ghost will “balance” once it dries.

Let it dry overnight and take it off the form in the morning.

If you have kids, replace the Styrofoam ball with a balloon and pop the balloon once the cheesecloth dries. It creates a cool visual for them.

If you want to make this even neater, you can use liquid spray starch (like the kind you’d use to iron your shirts) and really douse the cheesecloth with the spray starch.

Add eyes with black felt and a glue gun.

You can also add an LED light to make it extra spooky, or sprinkle some glitter and set it with hairspray to stick to make it extra special.

Lace Pumpkins

White Acrylic Paint
Lace Trim
Glue Gun

Make pumpkins look extra fancy by painting them white and adding some trim.
Choose ribbon or lace, then attach with hot glue. Voila!


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