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Jeremiah Bullfrog's Recipes


July 12, 2017

Grilled Bratwurst
Purchase bratwurst sausage links from your local butcher

Aged Cheddar fondue: (2% sodium citrate)
1 pint Pilsner beer (Miller High Life)
1 lb shredded cheddar cheese (aged 2 years) 9 grams sodium citrate (melting salts)

Bring the beer to a boil in a small saucepan, slowly whisk in shredded cheese until fully incorporated. Using an immersion blender, tap the sodium citrate in a steady stream while blending continuously until desired consistency. Keep warm

Apple Cabbage Kraut:
1/2 head purple cabbage 1 large carrot, peeled
1 large granny smith apple 1 cup apple cider vinegar 2 oz organic cane sugar
2 oz kosher salt
1 oz caraway seeds


On a Japanese mandolin with the julienne blade attached shred the carrots and apple into a large mixing bowl. Remove the blade and finely shred the cabbage. In a separate pan, heat the apple cider vinegar to a boil, add sugar / salt / caraway and stir until dissolved and syrupy. Pour the hot mixture over the cabbage, carrot, apples and mix well. Allow to cool and leave out for at least two hours to soften (or overnight).

Brush buns on either side with olive oil and toast until golden brown
Grill bratwurst on medium high heat until cooked through.
Fill the middle of each bun with a bratwurst, top with kraut, and drizzle cheddar fondue over the top.

Charred Corn on the cobb, black lime powder, tahini + sumac
4 heads of Corn (each cut into 3 equal pieces and skewered)
2 oz tahini (whip tahini paste with ice cold water, 1⁄4 t cumin,lemon and salt) 1 T black lime (powdered and sifted)
1 T sumac powder (sift)
popcorn salt (equal parts popcorn and salt powdered in a spice grinder and sifted)

Grill corn over high heat until charred on the outside. While still warm remove from heat and roll around in tahini sauce to coat liberally all around.
Dust with popcorn salt, sumac and black lime.

Passionfruit Rum Punch
3 Blackberries
2 oz Flor de cana extra dry white rum 1 oz passion fruit concentrate
.25 oz Orgeat (almond syrup)
.25 oz lime juice
.25 oz simple syrup
Garnish: Peychaud’s bitters

In a tall thin glass, muddle the blackberries. Fill the glass with crushed ice. Seperatley, shake the remaining ingredients over ice until incorporated.
Strain into glass over the blackberries creating a layered effect. Garnish with a thin layer of bitters and serve with a straw.

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