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Summer Makeup Must-Haves


June 26, 2017

When summer comes along, we want to look light, fresh, and good. Unfortunately, the summer heatation has other plans for us. Wendy’s makeup artist Merrell Hollis is here to save ya!

Whether you like to use a lot of makeup or very little, Merrel knows the products you need.

These products will get you through summer looking like it’s 75 degrees with a cool breeze.

If you wear normal-heavy makeup, and a matte look
You know we’re all about that base. Start your makeup routine with Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro before applying any makeup. This is essentially a primer for your makeup and “keeps any oil from breaking through your makeup and breaking down your makeup throughout the summer months… make sure at the end of the day you cleanse your face.”


– Moisturize your skin as usual and let it sink in
– Apply Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro
– Apply makeup

Finish Spray
If you wear normal-heavy makeup and a dewy look
Merrell noted that sometimes we just want a light feeling on our face during the summer and we want to look dewy. An alternative to Mehron’s Skin Prep Pro, is Mehron’s Barrier Spray. The great thing about this product is that there aren’t a ton of crazy chemicals in it that could potentially make your skin breakout or clog your pores. This is guaranteed to set your makeup all day (and night) long.


– Go about your makeup routine
– Once you have your complete finished look, spray Mehron’s Barrier Spray about 12-15 inches in the air (not at your face)
– Let the mist fall onto your face

Skin Mist
If you wear light makeup, or a more natural look
Not everyone uses a full contour every day. If you’re the type of woman that uses a tinted moisturizer, or a little pressed powder for coverage or to take away shine, Josie Maran’s Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist will be your BFF this summer. “This is great at the end of the day when your makeup is kind of separating or maybe just a little too powdery… it will wake your makeup back up… it will refresh your whole look.” Not only this, but it will treat your skin and make it look luminous and feel fresh.


– Use when you notice your makeup beginning to separate
– Grab a beauty blender and spray Josie Maran’s Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist onto the blender
– Lightly pat the blender into your skin

As Merrell said, these three products will “keep you super fresh, and super tight in the summer!”

Did you try these products? Tell us what you thought! What are some of your go-to products during the summer?



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