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Sony Pulls “The Interview”


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Sony gave in to the hackers and pulled “The Interview” from theaters after the hackers threatened 9/11 style attacks.

Did they make the right call?

Then, Ashlee and Jessica Simpson’s husbands reportedly don’t get along and are causing a rift between the sisters.

Plus, Lil Kim’s boyfriend posted a revealing photo of Nicki Minaj on Instagram with the caption, “Well Damn.”

Did Mr. Papers go too far?

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Is Kanye Putting His Career before His Family?


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Kanye West didn’t spend Thanksgiving with his family, and only spent 30 minutes with Kim and Baby North at a recent family outing.

Is he putting his career before his family? Will their marriage last?

Then, Kylie Jenner wore a revealing outfit when she visited a children’s hospital.

Was it inappropriate?

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics!

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Apollo’s Prison Advice for Teresa


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Apollo Nida offers Teresa Giudice some helpful tips on surviving prison before she heads to the big house after the holidays.

Then, Maria Shriver reportedly doesn’t like that her son is dating Miley Cyrus.

Would you continue dating someone if their mom didn’t like you?

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Bill Cosby Speaks Out


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After supermodel Beverly Johnson came forward and said she was allegedly drugged by Bill Cosby, the embattled comic is breaking his silence about all of the sexual abuse allegations being made against him.

Mr. Cosby said, “Let me say this. I only expect the black media to uphold the standards of excellence in journalism and when you do that you have to go in with a neutral mind.”

Find out Wendy’s take on Mr. Cosby’s comment and Beverly Johnson’s shocking allegations.

Then, Wendy weighs in on the Sony hacking scandal. Find out why Wendy’s glad that she’s never sent an email.

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Mariah Wants Nick Back!


Hot Topics.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon spent Thanksgiving together and reportedly Mariah came on to Nick, but he rejected her.

Is she having divorce remorse?

Then, Ariana Grande’s reported DIVA behavior has hit a new level and Leonardo DiCaprio has split from his model girlfriend.

Is it time for the notorious playboy to finally settle down?

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Kendall Jenner Fires Kris!


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Kendall Jenner has fired her mom, Kris, as her manager. Find out why Wendy thinks this is the best thing Kendall could have done for her career.

Then, Apollo is speaking out from behind bars and says he’ll fight Phaedra for money if she tries to divorce him and Chris Brown is desperately trying to win Karrueche Tran back after his social media meltdown.

Plus, Entertainment Weekly’s Nina Terrero reveals this holiday’s must-see movies!

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Diddy vs. Drake


Hot Topics.

Puffy reportedly punched Drake in a Miami nightclub after he felt disrespected by his fellow rapper.

Some people are saying it all has to do with the song, “Zero to 100,” but Wendy has some shocking video of Drake and Puffy performing that tells a different story.

Find out why Wendy is #TeamPuffy.

Then, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and Kate Hudson has a new boyfriend.

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Len Goodman Leaving DWTS


Hot Topics.

Len Goodman is leaving “Dancing with the Stars” at the end of next season and Wendy reveals who she thinks should replace him at the judges table.

Then, Drew Barrymore reportedly told her friend Cameron Diaz that she doesn’t think her boyfriend, Benji Madden, is marriage material.

Should you tell your friend if you don’t like who they’re dating?

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Chris Brown’s Social Media Meltdown


Hot Topics.

Chris Brown lashed out at Karrueche Tran on social media.

Chris has since apologized, but should the dueling lovers reunite or stay apart?

Then, an isolated track of Mariah Carey singing “All I Want for Christmas Is You” was released and Taylor Swift is trying to get rid of her good girl image.

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Is Jessica Simpson Returning to Reality TV?


Hot Topics.

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger are still going strong and Jessica Simpson is considering a return to reality TV.

Then, Tori Spelling reportedly wants to get more plastic surgery and Khloe’s family wants her to dump French Montana.

Find out Wendy’s take on the latest Hot Topics.

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