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Adele Makes History!


Hot Topics.

Adele is reportedly signing a new $130 million record deal and is making history.

Then, DMX is allegedly going to be a dad for the 13th time and Jason Derulo is back on the market!

Plus, Shia LaBeouf is at it again. Find out what Wendy thinks of his latest stunt.

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Bill Cosby Will Stand Trial on Assault Charges


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A judge ruled that Bill Cosby will stand trial on sexual assault charges. If convicted he could face up to 30 years in prison.

Then, former contestants on “The Biggest Loser” are making shocking allegations and are threatening to sue.

Plus, Wendy gives us a sneak peek at the new season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

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Kelly Osbourne Puts Her Father’s Alleged Mistress on Blast


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Kelly Osbourne went on a Twitter rant against her father’s alleged mistress and posted her cell phone number online. Is it inappropriate for Kelly to get involved in her parent’s drama?

Then, Lee Daniels says it’s a mistake for Mariah Carey to do reality TV and Madonna claps back at the haters of her Prince tribute.

Plus, MTV tried to stir up old drama between Ciara and Rihanna and shocking new details were just released about Bill Cosby.

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Tamar Braxton Out at “The Real”


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Tamar Braxton is out at “The Real” and there are rumors swirling about why she’s leaving the show. Are her co-hosts to blame?

Then, Madonna’s tribute to Prince was panned on social media and Chris Brown went on a rant against his daughter’s mother.

Plus, Eva Longoria ties the knot!

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Adele and Beyoncé’s Grammy Battle


Hot Topics.

The Grammys are 9-months away, but it’s expected that Adele and Beyoncé will be battling it out.

Find out who Wendy thinks will come out on top.

Then, Joe Jonas is getting criticism for casting plus-size model Ashley Graham in his new music video.

Plus, Daniel Craig reportedly turned down close to $100 million to continue playing James Bond. Find out who Wendy thinks should take over the iconic role.

And, an Australian model is under fire for her weekday parenting style. If you could send your kids away every weekend, would you?

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Bethenny Pops Off


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Bethenny lashed out at Sonja on “The Real Housewives of New York” for launching a competing liquor line. Does she have the right to be upset?

Then, Blake Lively is under fire for an Instagram post. Was it racist?

Plus, Chris Brown was kicked off his private plane for allegedly smoking and Beyoncé has reconciled with her dad.

Wendy has the latest details in Hot Topics.

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Ciara Loses Custody Case with Future


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Ciara lost her case with Future and now has to share custody. Will Ciara’s legal battles with her ex, hurt her relationship with her fiance?

Then, Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted hanging out with his son’s ex, Miley Cyrus. Was it inappropriate?

Plus, Donald Trump sat down with Megyn Kelly last night for the first time since their notorious confrontation at the Republican debate last summer.

Did Megyn go easy on him?

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Madonna Paying Tribute to Prince


Hot Topics.

Madonna is paying tribute to Prince at the Billboard Music Awards and fans are outraged. Find out what Wendy thinks.

Then, Wendy gives us a sneak peek at the new Mariah Carey reality show and gives us the 4-1-1 on the latest celebrity hookup and breakups!

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Christina v. Pink!


Hot Topics.

Christina Aguilera and Pink have been feuding for the past 15 years and tonight come face-to-face on “The Voice.”

Then, Jermaine Jackson confirmed Janet Jackson is pregnant and Meghan Trainor had an epic fall on “The Tonight Show.”

Plus, Donald Trump has found himself in the middle of another scandal. Will it hurt his Presidential ambitions?

Find out Wendy’s take in Hot Topics.

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Mariah Carey’s Wedding Drama


Hot Topics.

Mariah Carey may have to postpone her wedding to billionaire James Packer, because her divorce from Nick Cannon isn’t finalized.

Find out why Wendy thinks Mariah and James won’t make it down the aisle.

Then, Gwen Stefani’s love of makeup is reportedly causing problems in her relationship with Blake Shelton.

Plus, people are hating on Chrissy Teigen’s snapback and Meghan Trainor pulled a music video that made her look thinner.

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