• Wendy Takes a Look Back!


    Wendy takes a look back at some of her favorite moments from the past 999 shows!

  • Ryan Guzman

    Ryan Guzman tells us about his sexy new thriller, “The Boy Next Door” and what it was like auditioning at Jennifer Lopez’s house.

    Plus, Ryan and Jennifer heated up the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards. Find out what Ryan was doing last year during the award show.

  • Anthony Mackie

    Anthony Mackie tells us about his new film, “Black or White.”

    Then, Anthony confesses his crafting obsession and reveals why he recently got in trouble at Michaels.

    Plus, Anthony tells us why he strongly believes in the traditional roles of men and women in relationships.

  • Jennifer Lopez

    International superstar Jennifer Lopez dishes about her sexy new thriller, “The Boy Next Door,” which hits theaters this Friday.

    Then, Jennifer opens up about her love life and reveals the craziest thing an ex ever did to try and get her back.

    Plus, find out what Jennifer thinks about the rumors that Pitbull has a crush on her.

  • Lorenzo Lamas & Shawn Johnson

    Shawn Johnson and Lorenzo Lamas talk about getting fired on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Lorenzo and Shawn tell us why they were unwilling to play dirty and what they think about Kenya Moore’s comments last night in the boardroom.

    Then, Lorenzo opens up about his son having sex with his ex-wife. How was he able to forgive and move on?

    Plus, Shawn tells us what she’s doing since retiring from competitive sports.

  • George Lopez

    The hilarious George Lopez tells us about his dramatic new role in “Spare Parts.”

    Then, George updates us on his love life and the shocking thing that happened to him while staying at a NYC hotel.

    Plus, does George want to run for mayor of Los Angeles?

  • Christina Milian

    The beautiful Christina Milian tells us about her new E! docu-series, “Christina Milian: Turned Up.”

    Find out why she decided to bring cameras into her personal life and if Karrueche Tran will appear on the show.

    Then, is Christina dating Lil Wayne?

    Plus, what does Christina’s ex-husband, The Dream, have to say about Christina and their daughter doing reality TV?

    Find out what she only tells Wendy.

  • Angela Bassett

    Angela Bassett tells us about her highly anticipated new Lifetime movie, “Whitney.”

    How did she end up directing the biopic? What did she think about Bobbie Kristina’s tweets to her?

    What did Ms. Dionne Warwick think about the film?

    Find out what she only tells Wendy!

  • Jillian Michaels

    Fitness expert Jillian Michaels shows us the simple changes we can make to our diet, to help us reach our weight loss goals in 2015!

  • Jamie Anderson & Terrell Owens

    Jamie Anderson & Terrell Owens talk about getting fired on “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Does Jamie think she was too nice to win? Why did Terrell fail to raise enough money during last night’s task?

    Then, will Jamie compete in the next winter Olympics?

    Plus, Terrell sets the record straight about his personal life.

  • Patricia Heaton

    Patricia Heaton tells us about the new season of “The Middle” on ABC.

    Then, Patricia weighs in on how TV stars are treated at the Golden Globes!

    Plus, find out what her son surprised her with when he came home from college and if Kirstie Alley will be joining the cast of “The Middle” permanently.

  • Kirstie Alley

    Friend to the show Kirstie Alley tells us how she recently lost 50 pounds and when she first started having issues with weight.

    Then, we play a came of “How You Datin’?” to find out what type of guy Kirstie is looking for.

  • Taraji P. Henson

    Actress Taraji P. Henson dishes about her juicy new FOX drama, “Empire” and why she insisted on working with Terrence Howard.

    Then, is Taraji dating? Did she ever date Idris Elba? What type of TV does she like to watch? Find out what she only tells Wendy.

  • Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy

    Newlyweds Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy talk about their new reality show, “Donnie Loves Jenny.”

    Why did they decide to do a reality show based on their wedding? Do they want kids together? Find out what they only tell Wendy.

  • Kevin Jonas

    Kevin Jonas was the latest contestant fired by Donald Trump on “The Celebrity Apprentice” and reveals the mistake he made last night in the boardroom.

    Then, will the Jonas Brothers ever reunite? Do Kevin and his wife, Danielle, plan on doing another reality show?

    Find out what he only tells Wendy.

  • Keshia Knight Pulliam

    Keshia Knight Pulliam was the first contestant fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” and reveals why she didn’t use her connection with Bill Cosby to raise more money.

    Plus, Keshia weighs in on the Bill Cosby sex scandal and reveals if she’d ever join “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

  • Kelly Ripa

    Kelly Ripa tells Wendy why she recently took away her daughter’s cell phone and computer privileges.

    Then, Kelly reveals the one thing that annoys her most about her husband and then wins cash for a home viewer in a game of “Ripa or Stripa.”

  • Donald Trump

    The always outspoken Donald Trump weighs in on Sony’s decision to pull “The Interview” from theaters.

    Plus, Donald tells us how he is spending the holidays and dishes about the highly anticipated new season of “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Then, will Trump run for president in 2016? Find out what he only tells Wendy!

  • Gene Simmons

    Rock legend Gene Simmons tells us about his new book, “Me, Inc.”

    Then, Gene opens up about his marriage and reveals if his son is dating Amber Rose.

  • Carla Hall

    “The Chew’s” Carla Hall teaches Wendy how to make some delicious holiday treats!