Lindsay Lohan Is Moving Across the Pond!


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Lindsay Lohan is preparing for her stage debut in London and says she wants to make Great Britain home!

Then, Apollo is lashing out at his Twitter followers and Tyra Banks is making some surprising predictions about the future.

Plus, a Jackson family reality show is in the works and it’s M.E.S.S.Y.

Find out Wendy’s take on the latest Hot Topics!

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Paris Jackson’s Guardianship Could be Challenged

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A judge has order an investigation into the welfare of Paris Jackson after her reported suicide attempt and the King of Pop’s daughter could end up living with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe.

Plus, Chad Ochocinco was thrown in jail for 30 days after slapping his lawyer on the behind in court and Wendy is just 14 days away from her Broadway debut in “Chicago.”

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Holly Madison’s Wedding Drama!

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“Mad Men” star January Jones is keeping the paternity of her son a secret, but there are a few potential fathers and Wendy examines the options.

Then, Cameron Diaz is looking for love and turned to Jane Fonda for tips on finding a man and Janet Jackson is making new music!

Plus, Holly Madison is supposed to take a walk down the aisle this summer, but her fiancé is due in court just two weeks before her nuptials.

Find out why Wendy thinks Holly needs to call off the wedding!

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