Mariah & Nick’s Custody Battle


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Mariah and Nick aren’t fighting over custody of their kids, but over their dogs. Mariah wants to keep all eight of them, but Nick wants to take two.

Then, Kris Jenner was spotted out with a much younger guy. Are Kris and Bruce moving on too soon?

Plus, Tori had a meltdown on the season premiere of “True Tori” and confessed to living paycheck to paycheck. Find out what Wendy thinks Tori needs to do to fix her financial troubles.

And Wendy tells us what Teresa Giudice’s average day in prison will look like.

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Bruce Jenner is Dating Kris’ Best Friend


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Bruce Jenner stepped out with a new woman – Kris Jenner’s former assistant and best friend. Is it ever ok to date your ex’s friend?

Then, Charlie Sheen has called off his engagement just weeks before he was set to take a walk down the aisle.

Plus, Donald Trump launched a Twitter feud against Russell Brand. Russell fired back, but did he win?

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Teresa & Joe: Judgement Day


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Teresa and Joe Giudice appeared in court today for their sentencing hearing. Find out how much time Wendy thinks Teresa and Joe need to serve behind bars.

Then, is Bethenny Frankel returning to reality TV?

Plus, Wendy gives us a sneak peek at her new lifetime movie, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.”

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Ciara Gives Back the Ring


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The engagement is really off. Ciara reportedly gave Future back her $500,000 engagement ring after he allegedly cheated.

Then, Amanda Bynes’ father speaks out and knows few details about his daughters recent DUI and mental state.

Plus, Cameron Diaz and her boyfriend Benji Madden don’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to having kids. Benji wants them and Cameron doesn’t.

Is not wanting children a relationship deal breaker?

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Is KUWTK Ending?


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Bruce and Kris Jenner’s marriage is over. Is it time for “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” to end too?

Then, Meagan Good is being attacked after nude photos of her were hacked. Find out why Wendy says she’s being unfairly criticized.

Plus, Wendy saw the final cut of her Aaliyah movie and gives us the inside scoop.

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Keyshia Cole Arrested


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It’s official. Bruce and Kris Jenner have finally filed for divorce.

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell took their seats in their red chairs on “The Voice” and Paula Deen is trying to stage a comeback.

Plus, find out what Wendy thinks about Keyshia Cole getting arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman in Birdman’s condo.

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Celebrity Nude Photo Hacking Scandal


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Kim Kardashian, Meagan Good, Gabrielle Union and Rihanna are the latest victims in the nude photo hacking scandal.

Honey Boo Boo’s parents have called it quits and Beyonce’s dad fathered another child out of wedlock.

Plus, Wendy reveals her new favorite reality show.

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Ray J Facing Jail Time


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Ray J was charged with 10 misdemeanors after resisting arrest and bashing out a police car window in May. Find out how much time he could face behind bars.

Then, Kanye West speaks out in a bizarre interview with GQ magazine and there are new rumors about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s marriage.

Is Bill cheating again?

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