Len Goodman Leaving DWTS


Hot Topics.

Len Goodman is leaving “Dancing with the Stars” at the end of next season and Wendy reveals who she thinks should replace him at the judges table.

Then, Drew Barrymore reportedly told her friend Cameron Diaz that she doesn’t think her boyfriend, Benji Madden, is marriage material.

Should you tell your friend if you don’t like who they’re dating?

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Angelina Jolie vs. Jen Aniston


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Award season is only a few weeks away and Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie are both expected to receive multiple nominations.

Find out what advice Wendy has for the two A-listers before they hit the red carpet.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan is moving back to New York and has plans for a Hollywood comeback. Is it too late?

Then, Wendy’s hosting the Soul Train Awards, Sunday at 8/7c on BET and Centric and gives us a sneak peek before she hit the stage!

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Mariah Carey’s Atlantic City Residency


Hot Topics.

The fallout continues in the Bill Cosby scandal. TV Land has suspended re-runs of “The Cosby Show,” but despite the increasing criticism, Bill is continuing to perform standup.

Then, Mariah Carey reportedly passed on a Las Vegas residency and is considering a residency in Connecticut or Atlantic City. Find out why Wendy thinks Mariah could save Atlantic City.

Plus, Aretha Franklin addresses claims that she’s a diva and Bow Wow’s fiancée Erica Mena says she’s quitting reality TV when they get married.

Is she making the right decision?

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Monday, November 17


Hot Topics.

Wendy weighs in on the latest Hot Topics and OK! TV’s Julie Alexandria gives us the inside scoop on the latest celebrity headlines.

Then, tune-in to see how you can buy some of this season’s must-haves at discounted prices during “Trendy @ Wendy.”

Plus, Wendy’s Dough-Vember Sweepstakes continues when a lucky “Wendy Watcher” wins COLD. HARD. CASH. in our money booth!

RHOBH Sneak Peek!


Hot Topics.

Jennifer Lawrence called it quits with Chris Martin because he’s reportedly still close with his soon to be ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow. Find out why Wendy’s not surprised the relationship didn’t last.

Then, new reports about Ariana Grande’s diva behavior surfaced and Melanie Griffith says she won’t see her daughter in her sexually provocative role in “50 Shades of Grey.”

Plus, Wendy gives us a sneak peek at the new season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and reveals some shocking news about Mathew Knowles and his daughter’s mother.

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Bruce Jenner’s New Look


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Bruce Jenner celebrated his birthday with a cigarette and a pink manicure. Find out what Wendy thinks about Bruce’s changing look.

Then, Kylie Jenner insists that she hasn’t had lip injections and Tori Spelling reveals that she’s a hoarder.

Plus, an unauthorized biography is in the works about Beyonce. Find out what questions Wendy wants answered.

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Mariah & Nick’s Custody Battle


Hot Topics.

Mariah and Nick aren’t fighting over custody of their kids, but over their dogs. Mariah wants to keep all eight of them, but Nick wants to take two.

Then, Kris Jenner was spotted out with a much younger guy. Are Kris and Bruce moving on too soon?

Plus, Tori had a meltdown on the season premiere of “True Tori” and confessed to living paycheck to paycheck. Find out what Wendy thinks Tori needs to do to fix her financial troubles.

And Wendy tells us what Teresa Giudice’s average day in prison will look like.

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Bruce Jenner is Dating Kris’ Best Friend


Hot Topics.

Bruce Jenner stepped out with a new woman – Kris Jenner’s former assistant and best friend. Is it ever ok to date your ex’s friend?

Then, Charlie Sheen has called off his engagement just weeks before he was set to take a walk down the aisle.

Plus, Donald Trump launched a Twitter feud against Russell Brand. Russell fired back, but did he win?

Find out Wendy’s take on today’s Hot Topics.

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Teresa & Joe: Judgement Day


Hot Topics.

Teresa and Joe Giudice appeared in court today for their sentencing hearing. Find out how much time Wendy thinks Teresa and Joe need to serve behind bars.

Then, is Bethenny Frankel returning to reality TV?

Plus, Wendy gives us a sneak peek at her new lifetime movie, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.”

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