Chanel Iman in “Dope”


Girl Talk.

Supermodel Chanel Iman tells us about her acting debut in the must-see new film, “Dope.”

Then, Chanel talks about what it was like starting her modeling career when she was only 15-years-old and if she likes working with Kendall Jenner.

Plus, is Chanel dating? What was it like meeting her girl crush, Halle Berry?

Find out what Chanel only tells Wendy!

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Should Beyonce Bare All?


Hot Topics.

After 19-months Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s divorce should be finalized in a matter of days.

Find out why Wendy thinks it took so long.

Then, Beyoncé is reportedly desperate for an acting career and is willing to bare all to land big screen roles.

Should she?

Plus, Teresa Giudice is back on TV even though she’s still locked up.

Wendy has all the details in Hot Topics.

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Katy Perry’s New Man


Hot Topics.

Katy Perry is dating DJ Diplo, but he just had a baby with another woman.

Find out why Wendy says Katy needs to leave Diplo alone.

Then, Halle Berry’s child support drama is causing trouble in her new marriage and Leonardo DiCaprio turned 40, and is showing no sign of slowing his bachelor ways down.

Plus, Wendy addresses the criticism of her Aaliyah Lifetime movie.

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Halle Berry’s Ex Drama


Hot Topics.

Halle Berry says her ex, Gabriel Aubry is using her child support payments for his own personal use. Find out why Wendy says if women want to play like a man, they need to pay like a man.

Then, Teresa Giudice’s daughter made a shocking music video and Suge Knight could face up to life in prison after allegedly stealing a photographer’s camera.

Plus, Wendy tells us about her BIG weekend in Las Vegas!

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Halle Berry Opens Up

It Only Happens Here.

Academy award-winning actress Halle Berry opens up in a candid, one on one chat with Wendy!

Hair. Love. Motherhood and Hollywood. No topic was off limits.

Would Halle gain 100 pounds for a movie role? Is she glad she waited to have children until later in life? Does she want more kids?

Plus, Halle reveals the day that changed her life, which put her on the road to international stardom.

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