After Show (Part 2): The Glam Squad Is Here!


Yesterday in the “After Show” Wendy’s makeup artist and wigologist made a cameo appearance.

They were such a hit that they’re back by popular demand.

Today, Merrell, Antwon and Wendy’s stylist Deborah joined her in the “After Show.”

Find out what big event Wendy is attending with her Glams tomorrow night and if the Glam Squad are single and ready to mingle.

Plus, get an exclusive first look at Wendy’s International EMMY dress!

Take a look.

After Show (Part 1): Wigs Are So Good

I don’t like fruit, unless it’s on top of a cheese cake.

Wendy did a fitting before the “After Show,” which is her least favorite thing. Find out why Wendy always needs alteration to a lot of her clothes.

Plus, Wendy reveals why she really liked Michael Clarke Duncan and what she thought about Camille Grammer’s weight loss.

Then, find out why Wendy can’t deal with competitive moms like those on “Dance Moms.”

Take a look.

After Show (Part 2): Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Shoe Game!

Kim from joined Wendy in the “After Show” to talk shoes!

Check out some of the pumps from Wendy’s new shoe line and find out who her favorite shoe designer is right now!

Then, Wendy reveals how she takes care of her red bottoms and why she hasn’t launched a wig line.

Plus, has Wendy changed since her radio days? Kim asked and Wendy answered.

Take a look.